Aground in the Quarterfinals, Uber Indonesia Team Has Exceeded Expectations


The Indonesian Team Manager Hendro Santoso appreciated the results of Bilqis Prasista et al even though they were immediately eliminated in the 2022 Uber Cup quarter-finals. Their score was considered to have exceeded expectations.

The Indonesian uber team reached the quarter-finals with the best result. They twice bagged 5-0 results against France and Germany in the preliminary round of Group A, before finally being defeated by Japan 1-4 in the group winners determination.

Even though they lost in the third match, the Indonesian women’s team still qualified for the last eight. Unfortunately, their pace was stopped by the defending champion, China. Bilqis et al had to swallow a crushing defeat 0-3 so they had to lift their suitcases early.

“Actually, the technical and competitive spirit of our young players did not lose. When we played against China, our Uber team individually only lost in energy, experience, and maturity. Unlike the Japanese opponents, China was so prepared. They didn’t want to be conceded,” said Hendro in his written statement, on Thursday (12/5/2022).

“So the result to be in the top 8 was beyond expectations, because initially these back-up players appeared in the Uber Cup just to measure strength and add experience. This result has exceeded expectations,” he continued.

Not only surpassing, the Uber Cup Indonesia team is in fact able to compete and surprise the world’s players. This was shown by Bilqis Prasista who successfully defeated world number 1 Akane Yamaguchi in singles.

“Our players can not only add experience, but also surprise. France and Germany, which are one of the European powers, were able to be defeated 5-0 each by our young players. It is an honor to beat France and Germany,” Hendro said. .

“Also the success of Bilqis who was able to defeat the world’s number one player, Akane Yamaguchi and Komang Ayu Cahya Dewi who succeeded in overcoming Yvonne Li who was ranked at the top of the world. This shows that there is great potential in our young players,” he added.

Hendro also hopes that these young Indonesian athletes can continue to develop their potential. The trick is to get more opportunities to participate in international tournaments.

“In the future, these players deserve to be given a bigger match opportunity to mature quickly. They are still lacking in number of international championships. Therefore, in the future they should be sent more to international events,” said Hendro.




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