After Fiorentina-Roma, the Hague stops Banti, in Serie A Var in chaos

BANTI FIORENTINA ROME – The controversies continue afterwards Fiorentina-Rome for the rigor granted to the viola. A decision, that of the Var Bantiwhich left unhappy Jose Mourinho who seems to be right as demonstrated by The Hague’s choice to stop the whistle of Livorno.

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The referees managers are having difficulty explaining the correct use of the video to the whistles

The 36th day of A league confirmed that there are those who ‘abuse’ from the Var and those who still do not digest it. According to Il Messaggero, the season of Banti after sending Guide to video for a non-existent foul in Fiorentina-Rome. Same fate for Marinelli that in Venice-Bologna did not listen to help from the video room. Two more stops after the disaster in Spezia-Lazio e Torino-Inter, worrying signs of a confusion that cannot be dispelled. L’Aia he is trying to educate his referees who must understand that whoever is on the video must help and not replace them. Especially if the referee on the field has little personality.



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