Adriana Rissi says goodbye to the Deaflympics in the round of 32

Spanish badminton bids farewell to the Deaflympicsalso known as the Deaflympics Games, which are being played in Caxias do Sul (Brazil), after the defeat of Adriana Rissi in the round of 16. The Madrilenian put on a brilliant performance in the group stage, in which she added three victories in as many matches, but could not defeat the Indian Jerlin Jayaratchagan in the first duel of the final phase.

Rissi successfully defeated the Brazilian Geisa Vieira de Oliveira (21-13, 21-11), the Turkish Gizem Nur Uludag (21-13, 21-11) and the Indian Gauranshi Sharma (21-12, 21-12) , results that allowed him to advance to the final phase of the competition. In this phase, she was paired with the also Indian Jerlin Jayaratchagan.

Rissi went all out and began dominating the match until scoring the first set. However, the Asian reacted in the second set and ended up winning (21-18, 16-21, 3-21).

๐Ÿ“‹ Deaflympics results.

Adriana Rissi started in badminton 11 years ago and currently belongs to the working group of the CTD de Madrid. Also, he plays for the CB Chamartin at the absolute level, in the individual and double women’s modalities. She comes from being third in the World Deaf Badminton Championships and he was looking forward to the Deaflympics Games, since for some time achieving a medal in this competition was his great goal.

In addition, Adriana is together with Carolina Marรญn one of the ambassadors of the inclusive project #DIScover, an initiative that aims to promote levels of sports activity among people with disabilities, using badminton as a key tool to achieve this. Its objective is to develop a program to promote “Inclusive Sports” at the national level and establish its corresponding transition to sports technification.

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