Accusations of sexual assault on minors: prolonged custody for Éric Olhats, ex-adviser of Griezmann

The world of football and the Basque coast shaken by an explosion this Wednesday. Éric Olhats, 59, ex-adviser to Antoine Griezmann, was arrested in the morning by the judicial police and placed in custody at the Bayonne police station (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) for alleged acts of sexual assault on minors, according to our information, confirming that of Actu Pays basque. According to L’Equipe, as part of the investigation, the Bayonne public prosecutor decided on Thursday to extend this police custody.

The facts for which it is understood date back to the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, when the man was responsible for the training of young players within the football club of Bayonne. The alleged victims are club players, minors at the time, according to a source close to the investigation.

According to the local news website, “an alleged victim allegedly filed a complaint a few days ago”. Our colleagues also mention “other reports for touching and sexual assault on minors” which would have been reported. And Actu Pays basque to recall that in 2010, the former technical manager of Aviron Bayonnais had won his trial on appeal in a case of corruption of minors.

He hosted Griezmann for six years

In the world of football, the name of Éric Olhats, current recruiter of Atlético de Madrid in France, is known to be the one who brought out the playmaker of the French team, Antoine Griezmann. Then a recruiter for the Spanish club Real Sociedad (Spain), it was he who allowed the future 2018 world champion to be recruited and then to make himself known to the general public.

He then became the adviser to “Grizou”, whom he lodged with him for six years. Sports advisor, he played a role in his (first) transfer to Atlético de Madrid. “It’s an atypical relationship as Antoine’s trajectory was, recognized Olhats in 2016. We are aware that we have never been in the norm but we continue like this. It is a relationship that combines professionalism and friendship. We found the right balance between proximity and trust.

In a documentary broadcast in 2017, the third top scorer in the history of the Blues (42 goals) explained why he had separated from his historical adviser. “Perhaps he listened a little too much to what was said from right to left. But that wasn’t his style. So I think it was more nervousness, the fact that I didn’t give him any more news, ”replied the striker.

“For me, he was like a father. He kept me at his house for six years. Afterwards, he took care of me sportingly. At Real (Sociedad), when I had a little glitch or was mentally ill, he was always there, ”continued Griezmann, who will end up falling out with Éric Olhats when he refused to come to his marriage.



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