According to Paul Onuachu, the players of Genk were too sure that it would be all right

Paul Onuachu wants his transfer this summer with a year delay. The top scorer of Genk also has an explanation for the lesser season of his team.

“I think we started the season with too much confidence. After our strong finish last year, we thought we would continue,” he said in a statement. HLN† “Maybe that’s why we didn’t work hard enough in the beginning. We had it all. Okay, we’ve had our dose of bad luck, but that’s part of it. We have believed for too long that it would be okay. We were too relaxed† Once we realized that, it was too late. That hit hard.”

Although, according to his wife Tracy, he handled the situation and the criticism very well. “I really don’t mind that. I wouldn’t even know if I’m being criticized. I don’t understand Dutch, I don’t read newspapers, I rarely watch football websites and I don’t have any apps on my phone. Of course I sometimes get something from a fellow player, but that has no effect on me.”



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