‘Accelerating You’ Park Joo-hyeon and Chae Jong-hyeop, from meeting to parting, ‘The History of the Twin Park Couple’

‘The speed that goes to you at 493km’ From meeting to parting, Park Joo-hyeon and Chae Jong-hyeop were a couple.
In the 12th episode of the KBS 2TV Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The Speed ​​That Goes to You’ (Director Jo Woong / Script Heo Seong-hye / Produced by Blitzway Studios / ‘You Accelerate’), which was broadcast on the 26th, Park Tae-yang (Park Joo-hyun) and Park Tae-joon (Chae Jong-hyeop) parting was drawn. A couple who have been the only ones for each other since they first met. While their breakup is resonating with the hearts of viewers, I have summarized the romance history of the two people who are more fond of seeing them again.

◆ First meeting – Park Joo-hyeon, who returned after 3 years, and Chae Jong-hyeop, the only one to welcome

‘Accelerate You’ started with the story of Park Taeyang, who returned to the badminton court after 3 years. However, none of the players welcomed Taeyang Park. The reason Park Tae-yang quit badminton three years ago was because it was falsely rumored that he had taken a bribe. Only Park Tae-joon welcomed Park Tae-yang. At the same time, it was revealed that it was Park Tae-joon who recognized the badminton talent of 12-year-old Park Tae-yang 13 years ago, and their special narrative made the viewers’ hearts race.

◆ Partner – Park Joo-hyeon X Chae Jong-hyeop, become ‘ssang-bak’! Mixed doubles group formation

Taeyang Park, who needed a doubles partner to go to the game, proposed it to Park Tae-joon, who was the only one who welcomed him. Park Tae-jun, who did not want to devote his passion to sports, turned down the offer. However, Taeyang Park’s persistent persuasion moved his heart. Park Tae-joon, who even saw Park Tae-yang’s tears, decided that he would protect his back. The two, who became ‘ssang-bak’ by the name, gradually grew into a good team as they went hand in hand.

◆ Romance Begins – Growing emotions beyond the partner… Start dating

Ssang-bak, who gave strength to each other as partners. Their feelings were gradually turning into romance. Park Tae-jun, who first realized his feelings, confessed that he wanted to date Park Tae-joon, who left Eunice and went to another team. Park Tae-yang also came to know his sincerity in the situation that he and Park Tae-joon were no longer partners in the doubles team. Taeyang Park, who was dramatically left with Eunice, became a couple with Taejun Park. The appearance of the twins continuing their romance in Eunice, where in-house dating is prohibited, raised the excitement index of the small screen.

◆ Crisis – Chae Jong-hyeop X Park Ji-hyeon finds out about the relationship, Park Joo-hyun, Romance Red Light

Their happiness did not last long. There was an unresolvable problem between the two of them. Park Joon-young (Park Ji-hyun), the cause of the guilt that weighed on Park Tae-yang’s heart, was Park Tae-joon’s older sister. Park Tae-joon, who first found out about this, hid his relationship with Park Joon-young and stayed by Park Tae-yang. After Park Jun-young’s return, Park Tae-joon’s only breathing room was for Park Tae-joon, whose mental state was broken. When Park Tae-joon told the truth, Park Tae-yang was even more frustrated.

◆ Farewell – Park Joo-hyeon X Chae Jong-hyeop break up with a smile for each other

After that, Park Tae-joon’s feelings exploded because of Park Tae-joon, who told him to break up. Seeing Park Tae-joon confessing that she just loves her, she thought that Park Tae-yang could continue this relationship with her love alone. However, when Park Joon-young finds out about the relationship between the two, she tells Park Tae-yang to break up, all of his resolutions crumble. Park Tae-yang could not overcome his guilt towards Park Joon-young. Park Tae-joon learned of this and eventually decided to let Park Tae-yang go. In the end, the two decided to part. Ssang-bak, who loves but smiles for each other and says goodbye, stimulated the tears of viewers.

In the midst of this, ‘Accelerate You’ has only 4 episodes left until the end. Can Park Tae-yang and Park Tae-joon’s love continue again? So, will the two find laughter again? Curious about their story, I have no choice but to watch the remaining 4 episodes of ‘Accelerate You’.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The speed to you 493km’ is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:50 PM.

iMBC Yoo Jung-min | Photo courtesy of Blitzway Studios

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