AA Gent celebrates at the last minute in Mechelen and can soon win Europe Play-offs | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

  1. 45+4′ – Missed penalty – Kerim Mrabti
  2. 36 ‘ – Doelpunt – Michael Ngadeu -Ngadjui (0 – 1)
  1. 90 + 4 ‘- Goal – Tarik Tissoudali (1 – 2)
  2. 90′ – Geel – Elisha Owusu
  3. 89′ – Free kick goal – Geoffry Hairemans (1 – 1)
  4. 88′ – Yellow – Bruno Godeau
  5. 85′ – Yellow – Roman Bezoes
  6. 75 ‘- Verv. Jannes Van Hecke by Gustav Engvall
  7. 75′ – Verv. Marian Shved door Geoffry Hairemans
  8. 67′ – Cont. Vadis Odjidja Ofoe by Julien De Sart
  9. 67 ‘- Verv. Darko Lemajic by Tarik Tissoudali
  10. 67′ – Cont. Andreas Hanche-Olsen by Joseph Okumu
  11. 67 ‘- Verv. Yonas Malede by Roman Bezoes
  12. 58′ – Cont. Vinicius by Samuel Oum Gouet

AA Gent also brought the return against KV Mechelen to a good end, although a goal in the 94th minute from Tissoudali was needed to keep KVM from deserved points gain (1-2). Hairemans had only equalized in the 89th minute. If Genk doesn’t beat Charleroi tonight, the 1st place in the Europe Play-offs will be from Ghent.

Mechelen – Ghent in a nutshell:

  • key moment: Just before halftime, KV Mechelen got the perfect opportunity to equalize. After an intervention by the VAR, the ball hits the dot and Mrabti is allowed to take the penalty. Davy Roef chooses the right angle for the umpteenth time and whips the ball out of his cage.
  • Man of the match: Few real stars in this match. Besides the penalty, Davy Roef was allowed to turn a number of other attempts out of his goal. The goalkeeper kept Ghent straight at times. In the end he had to turn around once after Hairemans’ free kick.
  • Remarkable: The last time that Ghent lost in the Jupiler Pro League on a move dates back to December. The Gentenaars then entered the boat on the field of… KV Mechelen. So today they take their revenge.

Ghent takes a serious option on group win

KAA Gent takes an important step towards group victory in the Europe Play-offs. A sloppy game broke open partly after a goal on a corner from Ngadeu.

A strong Davy Roef lived up to his reputation as a penalty stopper by whipping a penalty from Mrabti out of his goal just before half-time. After the break, Mechelen remained the better team and they also had the best chances. Just before the start of injury time, substitute Geoffrey Hairemans still rewarded his team by kicking a free kick over the wall into the goal.

In the spectacular stoppage time, the match was still decided in Ghent’s favour. KV Mechelen went all out for the win and left a lot of room for a quick counter. That punished a clinical Tissoudali mercilessly. On a pass from De Sart, the Moroccan passed goalkeeper Coucke.

Gaëtan Coucke: “Just like in Ghent, we were better and we are beaten on a stationary phase”

  • Michael Ngadeu (Gent): “It was a tough match against a strong Mechelen. In the final phase it was all hands on the mind, but I am very happy that we were able to win the game in the end.”
  • Gaetan Coucke (Mechelen): “It was a strange game. Just like in Ghent, we were the better team, but we are beaten again at a standstill phase. That is very frustrating for a keeper. At the end we get the lid on the nose because we are full for went on to win.”
  • Hein Vanhaezebrouck (Ghent): “There is something special in the air here in the province of Antwerp. When you see how the fans of Antwerp are enthusiastic, even with a 0-4 behind against Anderlecht, and how enthusiastic those of Mechelen were, the whole match, even after the 1-2 and the defeat. That’s a boost for all supporters across the country. That’s to support. That should be the case everywhere, unfortunately it isn’t. That struck me. Congratulations to both teams: Mechelen wanted to show something for his audience, it played as if it were a final. But we also in our 58th match, so we were perhaps a little less fresh than Mechelen at the end. Like Mechelen, we don’t really have anything anymore to win, we already have the best European ticket, but we definitely want to play the game correctly and go for that first place. I am proud of the surrender of my players.”
  1. end, 8 p.m. 39. 1-2. It is over! What a bitter defeat for KV Mechelen. At the end of the match she still equalized, but the men of Vrancken still get the lid on the nose. Substitute Tissoudali made it 1-2. †
  2. second half, minute 95 match over
  3. second half, minute 94. 1-2! Tissoudali breaks the hearts of the Mechelen fans in the very last minute. On the umpteenth counter, Mechelen leaves a lot of space and Tissoudali can push the ball past Coucke on a pass from De Sart. 1-2. †
  4. Goal during the second half, minute 94 by Tarik Tissoudali of KAA Gent. 1, 2.
  5. second half, minute 91. Gent still has a lot of space on the counter. Bezus makes egg after the winning goal, but can’t get the ball over the goal line! †
  6. Yellow card for Elisha Owusu of KAA Gent during the second half, minute 90
  7. second half, minute 90. Four minutes. Mechelen smelled blood in the final phase. They still have four minutes of extra time to take the win after all. †
  8. Goal after free kick in second half, minute 89 by Geoffry Hairemans of KV Mechelen. 1, 1.
  9. Hairemans with the 1-1! Hairemans fires the ball into the top left corner! Untenable for Davy Roef. Mechelen is 1-1, and that is well deserved. † second half, minute 89.
  10. Yellow card for Bruno Godeau of KAA Gent during the second half, minute 88
  11. second half, minute 86. Hugo Cuypers cleverly turns away from Godeau on the edge of the box and is knocked down by the defender. Hairemans is allowed to take a free kick from a very interesting spot. †
  12. Yellow card for Roman Bezoes of KAA Gent during the second half, minute 85
  13. second half, minute 83. Engvall can put his head against Oum Gouet’s cross. The ball flies two meters over Roef’s goal. †
  14. second half, minute 82. Vrancken and co have fifteen minutes to force something and thus extend their season. Gent lurks on the counter. †
  15. second half, minute 79. We dare not call it a siege, but Mechelen insists firmly. Hairemans and Engvall are immediately noticed. †
  16. second half, minute 77. Okumu. Okumu has remained sitting on the turf and asks for care. The Kenyan has only just got on the field, but seems to be able to continue. †
  17. second half, minute 76. Mechelen presses on under the impulse of Nikola Storm. Three corners are forced, but they yield nothing. †
  18. second half, minute 75. Substitution at KV Mechelen, Gustav Engvall in, Jannes Van Hecke out
  19. second half, minute 75. Substitution at KV Mechelen, Geoffry Hairemans in, Marian Shved out
  20. second half, minute 73. Hein Vanhaezebrouck’s substitutions turned out to be a clear injection of quality. Can Wouter Vrancken force the same? Hairemans and Engvall are about to fill in. †


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