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Godshorner judoka at district judo team cup

After a long Corona break, the competitions on the judo mats are starting again.
This year the district league will take place as a team cup tournament in which a mixed team consisting of six men and two women will fight.
In addition to five other teams, the Godshorn Judo Club will of course also be there. The first day of fighting now took place in Linden. The judo club had two encounters with TuS Sulingen and JC Hannover-Süd.
A draw was achieved against the Sulinger, with Dennis Wichmann (up to 73 kilograms), Asa Wendt (up to 63 kilograms), Jannik Dahlke (up to 90 kilograms) and Damian Vogt (up to 100 kilograms) getting the points for Godshorn.
The traveling fans got to see an exciting match, where Dennis Wichmann was able to celebrate his first win in a team match.
However, the team from Godshorn had less to oppose to the table leader from Hanover, who remained unbeaten that day.
Cedric Huber scored the point of honor for the judo club to make it 1:7 after a few seconds with a throwing technique worth seeing.
It was a special day for Sandrin Huber, after all, she was standing side by side with her son on the mat.
For Sandrin, but also for Sina von Salzen, this day was the baptism of fire. Although they fought very hard, they were still inferior to the experienced competitors from Sulingen and Hanover.
In the table, the Godshorner are now on the penultimate place, but (like the bottom of the table) have one match less on their account.
On June 26th, the second day of fighting will take place in the Godshorner sports hall in Röhrweg. Then the Godshorn Judo Club will hold three matches.
Spectators are of course very welcome, the fights start at 11 am.
If you want, you can of course try out judo at any time during club training.
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