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Stimulate the vitality of makers, the information port town sports events series are launched

Hangzhou Net Release time: 2022-05-11 07:16

Xiaoshan DailyNews “Let’s enjoy the joy of sports in the event!” A few days ago, the 2022 information port town sports event was launched, and the “National Fitness” plan of the information port town was officially launched, using sports to light up the vitality and vitality of the town.

It is understood that the sports event will last until June, covering various types of sports competitions such as fun trail walking, badminton, table tennis, e-sports, basketball, etc., and has attracted more than 100 companies, nearly 200 teams, nearly 1,000 people involved. This event will further stimulate the sports enthusiasm of the young Makers in the town.

Fu Xiaojun, deputy director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bureau of the Development Zone and secretary of the Information Port Party Committee, said that through this event, the makers are expected to carry forward the spirit of hard work and never-say-die sports, and gather them into a majestic innovation and entrepreneurship force for high-level construction. “Asian Games International City, Digital Intelligence New Xiaoshan” injects youthful vitality.

After the launching ceremony, the fun trail walking activity of “Walking along the e-Road” officially started. Makers set off from Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the town, and passed through Phase 6-Phase VII-Phase 9-Phase 8 to play table tennis, badminton, basketball and other interesting sports. Feel the excitement of sports.

Source: Xiaoshan Daily Author: reporter Zhou Ke, correspondent Feng Jiacheng Editor: Zheng Haiyun



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