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Tennis upper league TC BW Oberweier II loses at the start / district leagues from Ettenheim, Oberweier and Lahr get the season off to a good start.

(tmm/rfu). The start of the media round is done. While the upper league tennis club TC BW Oberweier II had to accept a narrow defeat, the women of the district league team TC Ettenheim lost significantly at the start. The men from TC Ettenheim and the women from TC BW Oberweier II and TSG Lahr/Emmendingen were victorious in their opening games.

TC BW Oberweier II – TC BW Villingen 4: 5. The Oberweier home defeat at the start of the season in the top tennis league only came as a surprise at first glance. “In terms of the LK classes, our opponents were clearly superior to us, they were a really good team,” said head coach Oliver Killeweit, assessing the performance of the guests. In terms of progress, “from our point of view, some games didn’t go as well as they could,” he stated. Philipp Bauer, who had just returned from vacation, still lacked security. “He played well in the match tie-break, but his opponent was a bit safer,” said Killeweit. Paul Gogonea (Romania) already had match point in the second set, but then cramps set in. Given these limitations, both singles and doubles were lost. And Tyler Schmidt also tried really hard, but “he can’t win against 38-year-old Fabio Risoli at the moment,” said Killeweit. That also applied to young talent David Slavchev (Bulgaria), who had to learn the hard way in addition to his singles win in doubles. Killeweit: “It’s not that easy for a young player in doubles, especially against an opponent like Dominik Suc, who was around number 290 in the doubles world rankings.” Still, Slavchev was one of the bright spots of the day, along with Bastian Bross and Jean-Luc Gassmann. “You can’t just look at the pure result, our boys in particular have done well.”

Compact: Bross – Suc 6:2, 6:4; Bauer – Adelhardt 3:6, 6:4, 5:10; Gassmann – Mller 6:1, 6:0; Schmidt – Risoli 0:6, 2:6; Gogonea – Hermle 7:6, 6:7, 5:10; Slavchev – Messmer 6:4, 6:1; Bauer/Gassmann – Mller/Risoli 6:3, 6:1; Bross/Slavchev – Suc/Messmer 4:6, 1:6; Schmidt/Gogonea – Adelhardt/ Hermle 3:6, 2:6.

TC Ettenheim – Freiburg TC II 7:2. TC Ettenheim celebrated a perfect start to the season in the first district league. Against the Oberliga reserve of the Freiburger TC, the TCE won five of the six singles and thus had the victory in the bag before the doubles. Maxim Sosnovski, Victor Louis, Sebastian Schaller and Matthias Siber showed strong performances in the first four positions. Here there were consistently clear two-set victories for the TCE. Positions five and six made it exciting for Andreas Vogel and Marco Basler. After almost three hours of play, Basler defeated his opponent Marcel Tennstedt. Andreas Vogel’s match against Yann Schreiber was also completely balanced. A match point in the decision tie-break was not enough for the TCE player to win. At 10:8, Schreiber got the only single point for the guests.

Compact: Sosnovski – Flamm 6:3, 6:4; Louis – von Hirschhausen 6:0, 6:2; Schaller – Sander 6:0, 6:1; Siber—Hafkemeyer 6:4, 6:2; Bird—Scribes 6:4, 5:7, 8:10; Basel – Tennstedt 7:6, 4:6, 10:7; Sonovski/Louis – Flamm/Sander 6:1, 6:2; Schaller/Vogel – von Hirschhausen/Hafkemeyer 6:3, 6:3; Siber/Basler – Schreiber/Tennstedt 2:6, 2:6.

TC Ettenheim – TSG Renchen/Rammersweier 2:7. Briefly hoped and in the end without a chance. That was the record for the badly weakened TCE women at the start of the district league against the newly promoted TSG Renchen/Rammersweier. After the two individual points by Maike Krmer in the top individual against ex-Ettenheim player Annika Bhler and Andrea Krumm against Sandra Vogt, hopes lay in young player Milena Sosnovsky, who sniffed the third Ettenheim point against Clara Wacker, but in the end it was 3: 6, 6: 7 lost. With the score at 4:2 for the guests, they didn’t let anything burn in the doubles.

Compact: Krmer – Bhler 6:2, 6:4; Bhrer – Hug 0:6, 2:6; Krumm – Vogt 7:6, 6:0; Wasmer – Pertzborn 2:6, 4:6; Sosnovsky – Wacker 3:6,5:7; Wasmut – Robecke 0:6, 0:6; Bhrer/Krumm – Hug/Pertzborn 3:6, 3:6; Krmer/Wasmer – Bhler/Robecke 0:6, 3:6, Sosnovsky/Wasmut – Radzuweit/Wacker 2:6,3:6.

TC Mundingen – TC BW Oberweier II 2: 7. The season opener of the district league women of the TC Oberweier at the promoted was victorious as hoped. The Badenliga reserve was able to start with the best occupants in the first five positions, rounded off by young talent Nicole Reising. Already after the singles the TCBW II led 5:1 – the decision. “That was the course we had hoped for, and we can be absolutely satisfied with our first appearance,” said coach Oliver Killeweit. All the points were definitely won in two sets.

Compact: Grieenauer – Killeweit 2: 6, 2: 6; R. Roser – Singler 3:6, 0:6; D. Roser – Viera Erbach 0: 6, 1: 6; Grber-Steinbach 2:6, 1:6; Brunner-Siefert 4:6, 1:6; Faller – Reising 6: 1, 6: 0; D. Roser/Grber – Killeweit/Viera Erbach 1: 6, 0: 6; Grieenauer/Faller – Singler/Siefert 0: 6, 2: 6; R. Roser/Brunner – Steinbach/Reising 6:0, 6:0.

TF Münstertal – TSG Lahr/Emmendingen 4:5. The TSG women narrowly but not undeservedly won the unpleasant opening game in the district league. “Of course there is still some room for improvement, but it was really good for the first game,” said head coach Hernan Valenzuela. Santina Wischeropp deserved a special mention, because of a cold and a break in training during the week, she decided late in the week whether she could compete at all. “In singles, she tried it once and then hit a few balls really well. That was a really great effort of will,” said Valenzuela. No risk was taken in doubles, with a view to Wischeropp’s poor health, this game was abandoned. Otherwise, they managed a 4:2 interim result after the singles, so looking at the doubles it was clear that another win would be enough. Klara Schneiderchen and Anna Speck, who was already playing well in singles, got it.

Compact: Hartmann-Schneidchen 6:7, 6:7; Riesterer – Wischeropp 3:6, 6:7; Bhler-Nbling 3:6, 2:6; Thiel—Sexauer 6:2, 7:6; Lechner-Baer 4:6, 6:0, 11:9; Staible – Bacon 0-6, 0-6; Bhler/Thiel – Wischeropp/Baer 2: 1 (TSG task); Hartmann/Staible – Schneiderchen/Bacon 2:6, 1:6; Riesterer/Lechner – Nbling/Sexauer 6: 3, 7: 5.


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