3×3 Men’s Basketball National Team Silence Malaysia


The Indonesian Men’s 3×3 national team lost to Singapore with a score of 15-21. Then they managed to win 20-19 over Malaysia in the 2021 SEA Games 3×3 basketball, Friday (13/5/2022).

The 3×3 Indonesian Basketball Team fielded Jamarr Johnson, Oki Wira Sanjaya, and M. Sandy Ibrahim Aziz to start the match at Thanh Tri Gymnasiums while Surliyadin was on the bench. In contrast to Singapore, their four players are Delvin Goh, Larry Liew, Lim Jun Yuan, and Wei Meng Leon Kwek.

In the first 30 seconds, Singapore opened a 2-0 advantage through two free throws. Indonesia trailed 0-3 when the game was running one minute. Indonesia’s deadlock was broken by Jamarr Johnson at one and a half minutes.

Indonesia was still having trouble scoring until Singapore added their lead to 5-1. But when the game was running for three minutes, Indonesia was able to approach, 5-6.

Violations committed by Indonesian players are an advantage for Singapore. For example, with four and a half minutes remaining, they added their lead to 15-9 on free throws. After that, the lay-up of one of the Singaporean players added points to 16-9. The match ended after Delvin Goh made a layup in 22 seconds to score a 21-15 advantage.

In this SEA Games, for the 3×3 branch, the round robin system is used. The six nations met each other for the top four rankings. On the first day, in addition to competing against Singapore, Indonesia will also face Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Win over Malaysia in the second match

After losing the first match, the Indonesian Men’s 3×3 National Team managed to reap positive results. This time they beat Malaysia with a score of 20-19. Jamarr Andre Johnson saved Indonesia with a buzzer beater.

Indonesia is still reinforced by Oki Wira Sanjaya, Jamarr Johnson, and M. Sandy Ibrahim Aziz to start the game against Malaysia. On the opposing side, it turns out that Malaysia has fielded the same squad as when they appeared in ABL 3×3 in Bali, some time ago. They are Chang Zi Feung, Anthony Liew Wen Qian, Ting Chun Hong, and Xian Fu Ooi. In other words, this is a repeat of the ABL 3×3 final.

Indonesia is again under pressure. Just like in the first game. Until the remaining two minutes, Indonesia trailed 15-18. It’s difficult for them to get out of Malaysia’s defense, which is stronger this time. Indonesia was only able to catch up with one and a half minutes remaining through Oki Wira Sanjaya’s long-range shot. Score close to 17-18.

3X3 Basketball National Team (NOC Indonesia)

The match was getting more and more tense near the end. Indonesia only had under a minute to turn things around. But they actually trailed 17-19 after Xian Fu Ooi’s shot hit the target. There are only 31 seconds left.

In a precarious situation, Surliyadin finds Sandy not being guarded by opposing players. Sandy scores a two-pointer to equalise, 19-19. This time, there are only 13 seconds left. This is where tension occurs.

With a neatly arranged game scheme, Sandy and Surliyadin kept their distance from Jamarr. So that it is possible for the Dewa United Surabaya player to fight 1 on 1 against Malaysian players. As a result, Jamarr scored a buzzer beater in the remaining three seconds. Points from Jamarr brought Indonesia to win 20-19.

With this result, Indonesia rose to fifth place out of 7 participants. Indonesia still has two matches left today.




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