2nd place for our Judo U18 team – PSV Oldenburg eV

Successful 2nd place for our Judo U18 team

On April 24th, 2022, after a long Corona break, a mixed cup tournament U18 (girls and boys in one team) took place in Sandkrug.

With two strong competitors (Pia Heymann -55kg and Rieka Ovie +55kg) from SV Eintracht Wiefelstede, our fighters Ole Kiphardt -60kg, Paolo Engel -75kg and Anton Bondar +75kg formed a competition community and thus occupied all required weight classes of female and male youth.

4 teams (KG PSV Oldenburg/SVE Wiefelstede, TSG Hatten-Sandkrug, TuS Sulingen 1 and TuS Sulingen 2) fought in the mode of everyone against everyone to win the cup.

The first encounter was against TuS Sulingen 1, which was won 4:1 (underrating 40:20). The fight of Anton (+75kg) deserves special mention. He first received Wazari for a deep Seoi-Nage executed on the left and a Waza-ari for the combination Uchi-Mata – Ko-Uchi-Maki-Komi and after about 40 seconds the fight won.

The second encounter against TuS Sulingen 2 was also won 3:2 (undervaluation 30:20). Until the last match it was 2:2 until finally Anton made the decision with a Harai-Goshi for our fighting community in the last fight.

In the final it was then against the home team from TSG Hatten-Sandkrug (who also won all preliminary fights). A lead by Ole with a perfect Harai-Goshi was not enough in the end and we narrowly lost 2:3 (undervaluation 20:30).

This tournament was ideal to determine the level of performance of the fighters and to coordinate the further training sessions for the preparations for the next tournaments.



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