1. FC Cologne: Steffen Baumgart makes the camping groundskeeper – Bundesliga

You’ve definitely never seen Steffen Baumgart (50) like this!

To properly celebrate the successful season, FC Köln published a crazy video on their own YouTube page.

You can see: 20-goal shooter Anthony Modeste (34) as a disco taxi driver, Florian Kainz (29) as a kiosk owner – and Baumgart as a groundskeeper on the campsite!

The trainer acts his part in a vest and sweatpants, and of course has a hat on. Almost the entire FC squad appears in different roles in the video, which tells the story of the Cologne season.


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Baumgart arranges his garden gnomes with a cigar in his handPhoto:öln

Kingsley Schindler (28), for example, appears as a native of Cologne who likes to play the Rummy card game. A nod to his strong season as a substitute. In the 1-0 win in Leverkusen, he scored as a joker from the bench to win.

The club published a similar video after the 2016/17 season, when the Domstadt sensationally qualified for the Europa League under ex-coach Peter Stöger (56).

Incidentally, at that time Stöger played the role of kiosk owner, which his Austrian compatriot Kainz took on this year.



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