Ziganda calls for peace between Oviedo and Sporting: “It’s nonsense, someone has to stop this”

The coach of Oviedo, Cuco Ziganda, appeared this morning during the week of the Asturian derby and his speech highlights a call for peace between the two Asturian clubs. These were his statements.

Controversy over Sporting’s refusal to send tickets

“It’s a shame that there are these quarrels and these disagreements. It’s nonsense. It’s a high-risk game, there have been altercations a few years ago, but I also perceive that the rivalry is the most beautiful thing there is. Each team defends its club and its values. There is a healthy and family rivalry. Peoples that some are from Sporting and others from Oviedo. In schools, in families… There is nothing more beautiful than that. Not being able to enjoy it and live it together, each one defending their colors, is It’s a shame that you don’t know how to deal with it in another way. It’s nonsense, we all have reasons, but someone has to stop and take it in another way. It would be a great example and the best for everyone”.

first leg derby

“I haven’t been lucky enough to experience many derbies with fans. There were people in the last derby. An image stuck in my retina: Sporting fans getting up and celebrating the goal. That’s good for them, that they can celebrate a goal in the Tartiere. I understand a derby like that, with each one defending their own. Some values ​​that a club represents. The normal thing would be to be able to live it like this. This has to be redirected sooner rather than later”

Medical part

“They are all well, recovered and eager. No one has come for treatment. We are all fine.”

Is it impossible to abstract?

“One is infected by the environment, no matter how much one wants to abstract it, it is impossible. Everything that is lived, the controversies… Of course it shows. We have a special bug inside our stomach and to be able to give people joy”.

Are you worried about the euphoria?

“I am unable to perceive it. The same from the outside is not the same way of dealing with it, but we have it very clear. The sample is to feel what our people demand of us. We have to play a good game, we have to play it in a special way. We are lucky to play this derby and have the chance to pull it off. That is priceless, they are experiences for a lifetime. El Molinón is a magnificent setting to bring joy to our people”.

Match against Leganes

“When the game is over, there is less left. In the last games is when the goals are decided. We are sixth and we have to go forward. It is normal that victories give morale. These are aspects that are contagious, we do not want to stop here. We are strong and we are in a good moment”.

Training at the Tartiere

“I imagine it will be a shot of energy for everyone. I imagine that people will go, wanting to give us a boost and a hug. This is a continuous contagion and everything adds up. We are also happy to change the dynamic of these years. Football is giving us the opportunity to experience something great”.

His good figures against Sporting

“It has coincided like this. Let’s see if we can maintain this streak, it’s a new game and every game is different. The others are already forgotten. We were disappointed in the first leg”.

Three midfielders?

“It’s a posibility. Or not…”.

A Canarian referee will whistle

“I’m not worried about anything, I fully trust the referees. He is a good referee and will try to do his best. He will be motivated.”


“They will be motivated, excited. They started the year very well. They will want to give a joy. It will be even, not very open, although these things do not turn out as expected. Gallego has one style and Martí another. Then there are other connotations. The motivational aspect influences more than the technical one”.



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