‘You Accelerate’ Park Joo-hyun crying, Chae Jong-hyeop approaching… Expected Romance Narrative

(Export News Reporter Hwang Su-yeon) The romance story between Park Joo-hyun and Chae Jong-hyeop is expected.

KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, ‘The speed that goes to you 493km’ (hereafter, ‘You Accelerate’), which will be broadcast for the first time on the 20th, will feature a refreshing twenty-five, Taeyang Park (Park Joo-Hyun) who is all about exercise and Tae-Jun Park (Jong-Hyeop Chae), a professional athlete. It is a hot sports romance in the badminton business team. This spring, it is receiving a lot of attention as the only drama that will make viewers’ hearts beat.

Above all, the romance narrative between Park Tae-yang and Park Tae-jun, which was revealed little by little through the teaser, drew the attention of fans. The relationship between Park Tae-yang, who returned to the welcoming badminton court after three years, and Park Tae-joon, who is the only side of that kind, caught the attention of prospective viewers.

In the midst of this, the stills released on the 8th contain a crying Park Tae-yang and Park Tae-joon approaching him. Park Tae-joon is the only one who protects Park Tae-yang, who is alone this time. Park Tae-joon’s eyes full of worries create a warm atmosphere in themselves.

As such, Park Tae-joon is a ‘one and only’ existence that comes to Park Tae-yang in difficult moments. Therefore, the romance that the two will draw is inevitably more special. At the same time, questions arise as to why Park Tae-joon is cheering for Park Tae-yang alone like this, and why others do not welcome Park Tae-yang. Therefore, the main broadcast of ‘Accelerated You’, which can confirm all this, is eagerly awaited.

In this regard, ‘Accelerate You’ said, “Park Tae-yang and Park Tae-joon’s special narrative will deliver not only excitement but also comfort to the small screen. Please look forward to the first broadcast.”

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The speed to you 493km’ will be broadcasted for the first time at 9:50 pm on Wednesday, the 20th.

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Reporter Hwang Soo-yeon [email protected]


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