with silence and contempt as a weapon, PSG supporters still angry

As expected, the Collectif Ultras Paris continued to show its anger on Sunday at the Parc des Princes, despite the demonstration of PSG against Lorient (5-1).

«Present but silent“. The members of Collectif Ultras Paris have kept their word. As they announced in a press release on Saturday, they took their place in “their” stand this Sunday, for the meeting of the 30th day of Ligue 1 between PSG and Lorient (5-1). They did not, however, sing or encourage their team: contempt as an answer, “because they (the players) do not deserve better“, they had said on Saturday. No cheering, but no whistles during the game either. Even during the changes, with for example the exit of Leo Paredes, injured, and the entry of Gini Wijnaldum just before the break. Nothing, in fact… Moreover, the Parisian club had planned the coup by putting the sound system on full when the players entered for the warm-up. To break the eardrums.

The whistles, the CUP had reserved them for Neymar Jr and especially Mauricio Pochettino, the coach, when the starting compositions were announced, not Leo Messi this time, with loud applause for one man, Kylian Mbappé, who had already been spared by the Ultras in the victory against Bordeaux (3-0), just after the elimination in C1 against Real (3-1). Bondy’s crack was also warmly acclaimed by the rest of the stadium during his two goals (28th, 67th), he who also delivered three assists. “I am like a kid. A whole stadium screaming your name, and it’s not just any stadium, it’s the Parc des Princes. I try to return all the trust and affection that people give mehe smiles.

The darling is him. In any case, it’s not Sergio Ramos, whistled by the Auteuil corner when he entered the game (72nd), his sixth appearance only in Red and Blue, and each time he touched the ball… “We are all affected. I think it’s the frustration of the fans with the result (in C1), I don’t think it’s directed against him. He is a great champion. He deserves respect like all PSG players», to dit Mauricio Pochettino.

Give us back the Hechter

Ultras Paris Collective

At the entrance, the upturned banner of the Virage Auteuil announced the color. Around the stadium, dead calm. For the rest, icy atmosphere in the Park. We only heard the flies flying, between two songs from the Lorient kop and the… Junior club. And it wasn’t the opener, early in the game, from Neymar Jr, which was going to warm her up… Nor was Terem Moffi’s cap goal at the start of the second half, which was going to weigh her down. The evil is deeper. After this new European humiliation which has set fire to the powder, the CUP is indeed demanding “a new organization chart” and “the athlete is placed at the heart of the project and no longer the marketing, which necessarily involves the perpetuation of the Hechter jersey as a strong symbol of the club’s identity, season after season“. A banner about the said Hechter jersey was also deployed on Sunday evening (“Give us back the Hechter“). Another fell through the cracks of the club’s security net: “Shame on our players, glory on our colors“. She didn’t stay long. This sums up the state of mind that reigns among most Ultras in this long end of the season. Eight more matches on the menu, four in Paris.

In the meantime, “KM” prefers to see what he saw this Sunday than during the recent visit to Bordeaux, when the CUP had “took on some players” and do “a fix». «Against Bordeaux, it was a bit “too much”. We all lost, we’re all in the same boat, we all screwed up and we all assume together“said the world champion in the mixed zone, noting that the supporters”have the right to express their dissatisfaction. They are disappointed. We were too.“. Note that only two players came to greet the supporters at the end of the match, the titi Presnel Kimpembe and Gana Gueye.

In the end, Paris-SG did the job on the ground, being (much) more serious than during the purge in Monaco (3-0). “It was less of a senator game. There was a lot more pace and action. We succeeded, I think, in giving pleasure to people. In any case, we took some“said Mbappé. Success that allows Paris Saint-Germain to regain its 12-point lead at the top of the standings ahead of OM, two weeks before the Classic on April 17, during the 32nd day. Until then, Mbappé and company will be expected in Clermont next week. Far from the Parc des Princes.



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