Will you buy running shoes or sneakers? Take into account the footprint you have – El Sol de Toluca

When buying a pair of shoes or tennis shoes, the comfort of the feet is always in mind, but when it comes to competitions, the purpose is also to achieve the best performance, however, there is something important to consider beforehand, the type of tread that is have.

Choosing good tennis shoes according to the type of tread is the complementary part of a successful running technique so as not to injure yourself, a balanced diet and progressive progress so as not to cause muscle fatigue.

But going back to the type of footsteps, what are they? A runner can have a pronated, supinated or neutral footstep, each with its own characteristics.

As for the pronator, it is one of the most common in the runner, and it means that when hitting the ground the ankle tilts towards the inside of the foot, the first contact on the surface of the road is usually with the outside of the foot, for later go muffling little by little towards the interior.

Many times the excess of pronation is due more to a weakness of the ligaments and muscles of the ankle than to a morphological characteristic, hence the importance of knowing this characteristic to focus the training.

As far as the supinator tread is concerned, it is the rarest among runners, it is the opposite of the pronator since it tilts the ankle towards the outside of the foot, therefore these people have a very pronounced and inflexible plantar arch.

This type of footprint also has several degrees and it is the most pronounced that can cause problems, such as a greater predisposition to suffer sprains, for these cases it is important to perform stretching exercises for the soleus, calves and peroneal muscles, as well as rolling a tennis ball with the sole of the foot to make the plantar arch more flexible.

However, a neutral footprint is the best one can have because the ankle does not lean to any side, therefore the problems due to injuries are minimal, even so the appropriate exercises are recommended to achieve a good performance in the race.



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