“Who comments on the most beautiful matches? No, we do not draw lots which will be in Union-Anderlecht … ”(videos)

Marc Delire will be this Sunday at Duden Park for Union – Anderlecht, Benjamin Deceuninck will take care of the clash between Club Brugge and Antwerp at the start of the afternoon. Before starting this last straight line of the season, the two star commentators of Eleven took part in our media talk “Show Buzz”. On the program: a first part dedicated to Eleven and the playoffs, and a second part dedicated to their respective careers…

With interventions by Nordin Jbari, Régine Dubois and Eric Krol… who of course returned to their legendary duo in 1998 during the World Cup and the Tour de France. Many archive sequences are on the program. In this regard, thank you to the RTBF for having played the game and for having sent us their archives, as well as to the Facebook page “The audiovisual archives of Belgian football”.


Their favorites for the title and new Eleven for the playoffs:

Marc and Benjamin are the two headliners of Eleven: how do they “distribute” the posters?

Marc and Benjamin get wet (or not): here are their favorite… consultants and those they slightly prefer… less

Nordin Jbari sends them a message and asks them three questions

Shouldn’t Eleven have a say when it’s… foggy? What do they also think of fan-related incidents?

And the European Playoffs?

The Eleven team, which is heterogeneous with personalities from RTBF, VOO, Proximus…, is it united?

The Premier League soon on Eleven?


Throwback to the premiere of Benjamin on TV:

Throwback to the premiere of Marc on TV:

Eric Krol works from Switzerland… and remembers his duet with Marc in 1998:

Régine Dubois, who hosted “Y’a pas que le foot” with Benjamin and Marc on the radio, remembers:

La Tribune on RTBF: the results of the season

“The only time I did not agree with Marc Delire”: Benjamin Deceuninck returns to a sequence from La Tribune

World Cup 2022: Will Benjamin still be in the studio?

Benjamin and the Red Devils: when will he comment on them?

World Cup 2022: is the RTBF system known?

Philippe Dewitte, our journalist, is retiring: Manu Salvé, Marc Delire and Benjamin Deceuninck talk about it…



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