West Ham coach Moyes wants his players to feel like EL favorites

West Ham football players with a trio of Czech players are waiting for the European Cup semi-finals for the first time since 1976, and coach David Moyes wants his charges to consider themselves favorites for winning the European League. He is extremely proud of his team. He considers the current era of the “Hammers” to be magnificent.

The London team won Thursday’s quarterfinal quarterfinals of the European League 3: 0 and advanced to the top four teams in an initial home draw of 1: 1. He will compete for the final in Seville at the turn of April and May with Frankfurt, which surprisingly eliminated Barcelona. The second semi-final pair consists of the Glasgow Rangers and Leipzig.

West Ham last appeared in the semifinals of one of the cups in 1976. At that time, he also ran into Frankfurt in the Cup Winners’ Cup, through which he advanced to the finals, where he was not enough for Anderlecht in Brussels.

“I’m extremely proud of the team’s performance. The European Cup semifinals are a great success for West Ham. We’re excited. It’s hard to find words,” Reuters quoted 58-year-old Moyes.

In the 2019/20 season, he fought with the “Hammers” to stay in the Premier League, but the following year his team finished surprisingly sixth and set a club record with 65 points. He now ranks sixth in the English league.

In the European League in the autumn, he dominated Group H and in the elimination phase he first dealt with Seville, the six most successful triumphs in the history of the competition, and now Lyon. From the beginning, defender Vladimír Coufal and midfielder Tomáš Souček were also present at the triumph on the French team. Alex Král stayed only on the bench again.

“We haven’t won a trophy, so I won’t be jumping here. But we’ve come a long way in a short time, which I’m extremely proud of. We’re not favorites for the overall victory, but I want the players to think we are. I want them to believe a lot. In retaliation with Lyon, we showed great morale and performance, “said Moyes.

He praises the present of the club, which is co-owned by billionaire Daniel Křetínský. “We are experiencing a great period as we advance to the semi-finals of the European Cup. I hope we will continue to do so and soon talk about the finals,” said former Everton and Manchester United coaches.

“We have to be careful. We would be disappointed if we didn’t make it to the finals. But we have to be excited about where we got to and what way we went. We hope that people around Europe are starting to notice the names ‘West Ham’. We have several really good players who help us, “said Moyes.



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