Werder Bremen: Before a duel with ex-club Kiel: Ole Werner is banned from contact – Bundesliga

It will be a special game for Ole Werner (33)…

The Werder coach worked for Holstein Kiel from 2012 (first as a youth coach and later as head coach) until his retirement in September 2021. He had even played for the club himself as an active player.

Against his great love of all things, Werner can take a huge step towards promotion with Werder on Friday (6.30 p.m. / Sky).

The coach wants to avoid any particular explosiveness in the duel with Kiel: “It’s the case that in the week before a meeting you don’t make a lot of phone calls or write. Otherwise, I still have regular contact with many people from Kiel. I have a place to stay there too. After the game, I’ll have a short chat with one or the other.”

Werner gives himself a ban on contact!

The big question before the game: Will Werder’s chances of winning increase with the Kiel connoisseur in their own ranks?

Werner is unsure: “I certainly know a lot of the individual players and the working methods in the club quite well. However, I don’t know the coach very well. It may be more the case that a lot of people at Kiel know how we work and how we want to play football.”

One thing is certain: this season is not about much for Kiel. Mathematically, Holstein could still slip to the relegation place, but that is very unlikely.

“But they won’t hide,” says Werner. “In the last few weeks they have found their way back to a playful line and have a clear structure. Our task will be to maintain the determination from the Schalke game.”



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