“We won’t miss anyone anymore.” Klopp fears the loss of a shooter he hardly builds

Football striker Divock Origi saved Liverpool as a substitute when he was in a weekend duel with the eternal rival Everton (2: 0) for both goals, thus maintaining his team in the fight for the title in the English Premier League. Coach Jürgen Klopp sang in praise of the eternally overlooked player after the “Reds” made it a point behind Manchester City leader.

Everton fans shudder as Origi enters the field. With Sunday’s goal, he joined their club’s network with six hits just behind Steven Gerrard in the number of goals scored in the famous Liverpool derby.

The 27-year-old striker was given the opportunity for Klopp for the last half hour of the match and took full advantage of it. “Without him, the second half would not have worked out that way,” the German coach admitted, with only words of praise for the eternal substitute.

It seemed exaggerated. After the match, Klopp praised Origi as a super-important player, although he gives the Belgian a better chance to shine only very sporadically. Half an hour against Everton is almost a third of the 106 minutes that Origi played in the Premier League this year.

In the entire current season of the competition, he only intervened in six matches out of 33 and scored three goals, not even once starting in the starting line-up. He got a little better load in the home cup and in the Champions League, but it was not a big portion. It is no wonder, then, that every transfer window speculates on where Origi will go for more work.

“What he’s doing for Liverpool is fantastic. If he ever leaves, we’ll never miss anyone anymore,” praised the Belgian’s excited Klopp. “It’s a legend and it will remain a legend for me, on and off the field,” he said, praising himself.

“It may sound ridiculous to you, but even if I don’t put it in the base very often and it starts on the bench, it always brings what we need. For me, it’s a world-class striker, definitely the best player in the endings we have,” he added.

On Sunday, no earlier than two minutes after his arrival on the pitch, Origi knocked the ball to Salah, whose pass was cleared by Robertson and opened for the derby. Then Origi hung himself in the air and confirmed the win 2: 0.

“Where should we build the statue for you?” asked astonished expert and former longtime Liverpool player Jamie Carragher on television.

Although Origi’s departure has been talked about for a long time, it can now easily become a reality. The 27-year-old does not have a contract with Anfield and, according to reporter Fabrizio Roman, will be captured free of charge by AC Milan in the summer. “Wherever it ends after the season, it will definitely be a bomb,” Klopp said no doubt.

In addition to three league goals, Origi scored two goals in the League Cup and one in the Champions League this season. He is the second longest-serving player in the cabin after Jordan Henderson, coming from Lille to Liverpool in 2014.



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