Was it criminal? The controversial sanction given by the referee and the VAR to Racing at Grella

As happened on previous dates, the VAR is once again at the center of the controversy in the Professional League Cup. In the match between Patronato and Racing, Facundo Tello sanctioned a much-discussed penalty in favor of the Academy and Ariel Penel, who follows the match from Ezeiza, did not invite him to review the play.

At the close of the first half and with the duel tied at 1-1, Lucas Orbán felt the contact of Oliver Benítez and dropped into the area. Immediately, Tello sanctioned the penalty point. Matías Rojas took charge of the execution and did not fail.

From then on, a tough game began to unravel for the Academy and already in the complement he managed to sentence the story, to remain firm at the top of the Zone A position table of the contest.


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