Toyota Motor Corporation (2nd place in the regular season) defeated Fujitsu (5th place in the same season) 87-71 to win the second straight victory and won the league title for the second time in a row.

Evelyn Mawuli, a member of the Tokyo Olympics Japan national team who won the silver medal, contributed to the offense and defense by scoring 13 points in the starting lineup. In an interview on the court after the match, he screamed, “W League fans, basketball fans, thank you for your patience!”

Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., which won the first round in the final reversal play, showed a breathtaking play from the beginning of the day, leading 43-29 and returning to the first half. In the second half, Fujitsu regained its rhythm, but Toyota Motor Corp. pushed it out again in the fourth quarter.

Mai Yamamoto (22), the representative of Japan for the Tokyo Olympics, contributed to the victory by scoring 19 points, which is the highest number for both teams. She said, “I’m very happy and relieved,” and was pleased with her achievement of consecutive victories. Yamamoto was elected as a playoff MVP.

Sohana Fatoja Shira (24) from Senegal also continues to play an active role the day before. In addition to 19 points, he scored a maximum of 12 bounds for both teams.

Naho Miyoshi, the main player of the team and announcing his retirement for this season, said with tears, “I am happy to be able to play with wonderful members.”