Video: One wounded and 17 captured left a confrontation between ‘fans’ of Bucaramanga and Once Caldas

After noon, when a group of people lined up to buy the ticket, the attack took place in which the local fan was injured, who was transferred by the GER to the Caldas Hospital.

According to the versions of the authorities, fans of Bucaramanga attacked with sharp weapons those of Eleven, who were the first to buy tickets at the box office of the Palogrande Stadium.

A witness reported that he saw people armed with machetes, who were taking refuge in the universities of Caldas and Nacional. The wounded man was identified as Luis Felipe Marín Díaz, 30 years old.

The patrols that responded to the disturbance of public order relied on the instructions given to them from the monitoring center to capture the aggressor.

Later, in a statement, the Manizales Mayor’s Office reported that the Metropolitan Police detained 17 fans outside the Palogrande.

All, apparently, involved in the confrontation. “This after a fight between fans that began on the south side of the stadium, an event in which one person was injured with a knife.

The Special Rescue Group of Caldas (GER) treated him and sent him to a health center, “said the Mayor’s Office. Due to the event, the Police tightened the measures with the aim of retaining those who carried knives.

Finally, the authorities specified that the Bucaramanga fans who participated in the confrontation had been in the city for days and were not part of the group of fans who arrived by bus.



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