VfB Langenhagen eV – Big event celebrated spontaneously small

Big event spontaneously celebrated small

60 years of judo in Langenhagen

Sometimes you just want to check a little something and you come across something amazing! This happened to judo trainer Daniela Budzinski with a 60-year-old newspaper article from the Langenhagener Echo, which said that the first judo training took place in Langenhagen on April 26, 1962. Of course, that was expanded right away, because as luck would have it, VfB had training on April 26th, 2022. So it was spontaneously invited to the anniversary training. Everyone tried to imagine a time when none of them had ever practiced judo – the eleven present weren’t even born. Old exercises, which are simply no longer up-to-date today, and surrounded by numerous anecdotes, made for great fun. But everyone was happy that the round of sit-ups and folding knives wasn’t quite completed and the “duck walk” track was a joke.

After the first half hour, when the randoris (practice fights) threatened in the unfamiliar, old style, trainer Danni switched to the 80s. Many memories were awakened here. The basketball game had to be improvised a bit, but the combination of the kesa-gatame and yoko-shiho-gatame holds was still on many people’s minds.

Of course, this was followed by the randoris and the question: as in the past – i.e. the inexperienced one flies – or in a modern way with opportunities? A large part opted for modern and so everyone got their money’s worth – even in the old version, which actually didn’t want to be experienced that much. In good company with further quotations from the Festschrift for the association’s 50th birthday the training evening ended comfortably. One or the other probably still felt the partly unfamiliar movements the next day. Of course, VfB will also celebrate its birthday, but not as spontaneously, bigger and with everyone.

If you feel like taking part in our happy round of judo training, you are cordially invited to the taster training. The club website reveals where and when we can be found.



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