Unai Laso’s explosion was not a flash in the pan

Unai Laso will play his second final at the Bizkaia fronton. / maika willow

He will play his second consecutive final for “believing” more in his game and “gaining confidence”, something that he has been able to transmit to his teammate Imaz

Reaching the final of the Four and a Half meant for Unai Laso to remove “a thorn”. Four months later, the Navarrese striker is in his second final. «So I didn’t win it but I was close, and you take a weight off your shoulders. You believe you can do it.” This is how the man from Bizkarreta-Gerendiain explains his brilliant performance in the Couples and his presence in the final on Sunday at the Bizkaia fronton. But they are not the only reasons for the step forward that he has taken since his return to professionalism last July. The work done when he was away has been, in his opinion, essential to explain his great current moment. The change of coach and the silent work done then now has its reflection to «have faster legs that allow me to reach almost all the balls quite well, and have a better position. I had another motivation. You change the air and you set small goals ».

keep the routines

And seeing that they have worked for him, he has maintained the routines so as not to lower the piston. “Work and perseverance are key, although confidence also has a lot to do with it. If you have a good season you play more at ease and relaxed.

Laso has learned not to leave loose ends. And once he found out that the man from Oiartzun was going to be his partner in this competition, he had no doubts about overcoming any obstacle that might come between them as a result of the strike that a large part of the Baiko workforce had in its day. “I’m not spiteful. I want to get along with everyone. Getting along badly with a person just makes your head spin. I am so. I spoke with him on his day and that’s it ». Before the events were unleashed they got along well, and they have done it again. It is another of the keys for which they are one step away from being able to achieve the txapela. In the last months of coexistence he has discovered “that we have a good time together, and that is what is needed. be happy It is necessary to get along well with your partner off the court because it influences a very high percentage of performance. Each one is very clear about his role. «Imaz does not have to fail, and I have to command the game. Risk more.”

«It is necessary to get along with your partner off the court because it influences performance»

regained the illusion

His explosion has been accompanied by a significant number of followers who have made him the fashionable pelota player. But he doesn’t give it too much importance either. “I’m a humble kid and I don’t want it to go to my head. I want to do what I always do because it’s going well for me and continue with my people. Have you made many new friends? “No. I’ll see them right away.” He is aware that his game hooks the fan and that fulfills him. “There are people who have told me that he has regained his enthusiasm and has gotten hooked on the ball again. That is pretty”.

He qualifies in the same way the “pique” that has arisen between Altuna III and him “always on the pitch”. It is the second consecutive final in which they will meet, «and that means that we are doing things well. I am proud to play against the best and stand up to him.”

Unlike the Four and a Half, this time he has had to prepare the final with a partner, “and it’s totally different.” “The pressure changes. You trust your partner and you are more relaxed because, even if someone has a bad day, you can always pull it off. It’s that aspect I’m calmer.

He has a clear strategy to face Amezketa and Martija. It’s the same one he used in the last semi-final match in which they were swept off the pitch. “Delay and bring the ball a lot closer and be brave when it comes to finishing the goal. There isn’t much of a mystery.” But he knows that the rival version of him this time will be much more solid so things can get complicated. It will be then when it will be necessary to show character and test the confidence acquired so far.



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