This was the spectacular accident of “Cohete” Suárez in the Sierra Morena Rally: off the track and overturned in the middle of the road

“Rocket” Suárez, after winning the 2020 Princess Rally.

creepy This was the accident suffered by the Pravian pilot Jose Antonio “Rocket” Suarez in the second section of Rally Sierra Morena. The Skoda Fabia Rally2with which Suárez and his co-driver Alberto Iglesias marched in first place in the classification, jumped into the air after going over the side of the road, putting the right wheels in a ditch and crashing into some drainage pipes at the entrance to a house. Despite the shocking event, both were unharmed.

At the time of the accident, Suárez was leading the race classification. Although, the accident has forced them to abandon the race, which now happens to be led by the Asturian Alexander Cachon.


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