This Monday 18, elections will be held in the Peruvian Basketball Federation

According to him stipulated in the Electoral Schedule of the Peruvian Federation of Basketball (FDPB) Monday April 18 will elect the new Board of Directors to govern the destinies of the governing body of such an important sport like basketball.

In this way, the desire of clubs, athletes, judges and coaches is fulfilled who, after five years without official recognition, will be able to see themselves represented by a directive that, among its first tasks, will have the task of reinserting us in the FIBA ​​international circuit, and resume national competitions, which were paused by the pandemic, such as the national Basketball League (LNB) are male and female, as well as national teams in all categories.

Elections in the sport of the basket came not to be done for three years by registry blocks, however the Instituto Peruano of Sports (IPD) in proper implementation of the Law on Sport in February this year, he enrolled in the RENADE (National Registry of Sport) to the Working Group chaired by Dr. Omar Chirinos, who immediately set to work to finalize the electoral process and thus crystallize this aspiration of the sports community.

If all goes as expected, and the electoral process, which first features simultaneous support of the IPD of the Olympic Committee Peruvian and grassroots organizations, is carried out uneventfully, FIBA has already expressed interest in welcome back home within their assembly which will mean that our athletes will participate soon in South American club fair and selections.



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