This is the money that Luis Rubiales and Gerard Piqué shared for the Super Cup in Arabia

After the negotiations between Luis Rubiales himself and the Barça central midfielder, the contract with Sela (the Saudi public company) guaranteed the RFEF 40 million per edition and Kosmos, four for each of the six years (24 in total).

This medium also details the conversations between Rubiales and Piqué throughout the process: “Let’s see, Rubi, if it’s a matter of money, if they [el Reial Madrid] for 8 they would go, wafer uncle, eight are paid in Madrid and eight in Barça … The others are paid two and one … There are 19, and the Federation you have six kilos left, dude. Before you have anything left, you have six kilos left. And we take Saudi Arabia and maybe we take him out … We tell him that, if he doesn’t, Madrid won’t go … and we take out one more stick or two more sticks … », argued the also selection of the Selection Spanish.

Real Madrid’s position in all this negotiation is one of the big issues in the dialogue between the two protagonists. In fact, before the Super Cup ends in Arabia, both are speculating on the option of the tournament being played at a Spanish venue such as the Santiago Bernabeu or the Camp Nou. “Look, Geri, look. I will also see this with Madrid. I think Madrid will tell me no, this is a motherfucker to justify us for the future and we say that it is the stadium with the most capacity, that it is the champion, that it is the Cup champion or Cup finalist … I think we have legitimacy, ”says Rubiales.

Business closed

The agreement is being forged and, as of September 15, 2019, Rubiales congratulates Piqué: “Geri, congratulations. And I’m not talking about yesterday’s game or your goal. I mean it’s already over 12 and so the deal with Saudi Arabia is firm. A hug, thank you for everything and here I am for what you need ». The business was closed.

The first – and controversial – Spanish Super Cup in Arabia was played in 2020. Real Madrid would lift the trophy by winning on penalties at Atletico.

Rubiales himself already admitted less than three years ago the relationship in this business of the company in central Barcelona. “No, but Kosmos, a company in which he is a shareholder, introduces us to the people of Saudi Arabia,” he confessed in an interview on SER’s ‘El larguero’ program.

“They are an agency that occasionally presents projects to us. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. They are trying to bring their customers. […] We are very happy to have been able to negotiate directly with Saudi Arabia, and I repeat that we have not paid any commission from the federation, ”he said in 2019. Now the documents revealed show that there was a commission.


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