“There were a lot of mistakes,” Usman says of Chimaev’s latest performance. He has advice for “Wolf”

The gripping match between the Chechen “Wolf” Khamzat Chimaev and the Brazilian tough Gilbert Burns, who lifted more than one fan from the chair, did not escape the champion Kamar Usman, who has so far ruled his Welter division with a fearless and firm hand. The player also liked the match and appreciated both actors for their great performances. However, he didn’t like the fact that most fans wrote off an experienced fighter like Burns before the match, which the champion finds disrespectful:

“It was a very, very good match. I think both guys came prepared as best they could and the match showed it. I don’t think a lot of people showed enough respect for Gilbert Burns.

“You have a guy like Chimaev who comes up and makes a big fuss and everyone talks about him, and that’s great – it’s great for sports and it’s great for people like me. But it was disrespectful to a guy like Gilbert Burns, who put in the years, put the time into it, fought the best to get to the top of the division, and now you’re kind of rejecting him. ” said Usman, who even helped Burns prepare for the match with Chimaev.

“And to be honest, I think if Gilbert had made just a small change, he could have won the match – and I think he knows that now, too.”

Khamzat Chimaev vs. Gilbert Burns | zdroj: Profimedia

With a close victory over Burns, Chimaev jumped from 11th place to second place in the welterweight standings and is very close to the title chance. While before the match with Burns “Borz” was also a favorite in a possible match with Usman, now the champion is favored again. He, like the others, saw that the Chechen “Wolf” was only made of flesh and blood, and that he was also making mistakes that he could use in a clash.

Definitely (I’m looking for mistakes on it), and that’s what I do too. It is my job. That’s how I play it, that’s how I do it, “ Usman said. “I always dissect every situation and I did the same in this match. But there were a lot of mistakes that I knew were there from the beginning. Just because people didn’t see them and didn’t know about them, because he only got one shot before, doesn’t mean they’re not there. They were still there. And of course, I got better indications of how he would try to deal with what I would bring. “

In the match with Burns, Chimaev showed that he is definitely one of the best and that it will be a problem for anyone who fights him. However, the champion is not afraid of this challenge, although he admits that the Chechen fighter did very well in the match with the experienced Burns:

“I’ve always said that what sets me apart is my brain, my intelligence.” Usman said. “It sets me apart from other warriors. Gilbert is a very, very tough fighter, and he showed it. He still has something to show, he is not over and he is still at the top of the division. And Khamzat certainly did a great job. Respect for that guy, he did a great job against such an opponent. I don’t take anything from his success. “

At the same time, he has one free piece of advice for Chimaeva: “I think if I had to advise him, I would tell him not to get carried away by his own hype, because it seems to have started to happen to him.”

However, Chmanev does not have any wrinkles in his forehead at the moment, because the champion has already taken care of another opponent. Finally, he will face Leon Edwards for the second time, and even though Khamzat is now very close to the title chance, the champion wants to focus on what he has in front of him:

“Chimaev did a great job beating the other guy in the division. So yes, if this is to be the next match after Edwards, it will be another match. But now we focus on Edwards. “ said the champion and number one in the ranking regardless of weight.



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