The woman fined a scoundrel who had a fight with her ex-husband in the NHL

No, Evander Kane and his ex-wife Anna still can’t come up with a name. This is evidenced by the fact that the ex-wife of the controversial hockey player has now even sent $ 200 as a fine to Ryan Hartman, who fought with Kan in the NHL and then showed him a vulgar gesture.

Kane versus Hartman | Video:

In Tuesday’s match between Minnesota and Edmonton, Kirill Kaprizov and Kailer Yamamoto got into a quarrel ten minutes before the end with a decision of 5: 1. Kane, who crashed into Kaprizov, intervened in their stroking – and then they started fighting. A mela broke out in which Kane and Hartman were most active in the end.

Eventually, the referees tore them apart, after which the Minnesota striker greeted the opponent with a raised middle finger. For a vulgar gesture, the NHL management immediately imposed the highest possible fine of $ 4,250 (approximately 96,000 crowns).

“Whatever fine they give me, it was definitely worth it,” Hartman said immediately after the match, before the verdict was issued, that he did not regret the vulgar gesture.

“Yeah, these little boys. They want to play tough guys and then they just hope the referee gets in,” Kane said scornfully. “They had five players there for me, and they still didn’t get me to the ground,” he said as he described the fight.

Hartman returned it to him immediately. “Yes, five of us immediately attacked him. We had to show him that we were fighting for each other here. No one helped him, no one stopped him,” said the Minnesota striker, although a couple of Kane’s teammates joined the battle.

Kane’s ex-wife Anna then took care of the curious completion of the case by a peculiar act. She contributed two hundred dollars to Hartman for a fine for her vulgar gesture shown to her ex.

She confirmed that the relationship between her and Kan was really strained. Last year, when he worked in San Jose, she publicly accused him of betting on his own matches, and he was also trying to lose them on purpose.

The Canadian striker, who was sued by a Las Vegas casino in 2019 for failing to pay a $ 500,000 debt he lost during a playoff against the local Golden Knights, denied the allegations that his wife was taking revenge on him for the ongoing divorce.

She also claimed that Kane went on holiday to Europe and left her at home without funds, so she had to sell her wedding ring so she could buy baby food for their one-year-old daughter.

The case of the alleged betting on one’s own matches and their influence was also solved by the NHL management, but no evidence was found.

However, the 30-year-old hockey player was sentenced to 21 games in the fall for falsifying vaccination documents and ended up in San Jose shortly after his expiration.

Edmonton gave him a new chance at the end of January, signing a one-year contract with the lowest possible salary ($ 750,000), even though he was the top scorer and the most productive Sharks player last season.



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