The opinion after Burgos-Sporting: Less gives a stone

Sporting is closer to salvation, in the absence of the Fuenlabrada match, because those below still do not appear as teams with a minimum solvency for the category. The only joy of yesterday’s game in Burgos, with the permission of a crowd eager to travel even knowing what they will find, was Babin’s return to football. The center-back put an end to months of calamity with a neat game, enough for the defense to gain solvency, as Martí pointed out when he had to find something to cling to at the press conference. Everything else kept moving in the most absolute mediocrity. Trying to win a game with a single shot on goal is like trying to breed penguins in the Amazon.

It is very difficult for Sporting to compete in this fateful season, turned into torture for anyone who loves the practice of football or feels the red and white colors. Perhaps for this reason, and not just for a purely sporting issue, Cuéllar has earned the position under goal in his re-entrée. The doorman gestures, orders and commands. He transmits. Just what a squad tending to demoralization needs that, at times, seems to suffer with the ball at their feet for the mere fact that they don’t know what to do with it. The Extremaduran is pure character in a faint-hearted choir. And those intangibles also add up.

The point in El Plantío is a short step in the final stretch, but much less does it take a stone. Celebrating draws against a newly promoted is the most eloquent example of the situation. And something that a club forced to respect its history and a fan that does not fail even in the coldest moments should never get used to.



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