the month of all records

While some fans would already like to see Victor Wembanyama join the NBA next season, the French nugget will only take the plunge in a year and quietly continues his home development. For two months, we have also witnessed a good progression of the Unicorn, which is preparing to play its first Playoffs among professionals with ASVEL.

Injuries are only a distant memory for the native of Chesnay who has begun to establish his domination in France for a few weeks. We are still only at the beginning of the phenomenon but, just in this month of April, we have seen Le Portel, Orléans and Pau-Lacq-Orthez take the broth against Wemby. In EuroLeague, same rate for Milan which could not stop the best blocker of the competition for its last match of the season on the European scene. After a hesitant start mainly due to the lack of rhythm, the interior is progressing at lightning speed and don’t see there a nod to the Thunder who dreams only of Victor day and night…

Record night against Le Portel

The month of March was already a good year for Victor Wembanyama, finally rid of his mandatory check-ups in the infirmary. That of April is placed under the sign of career records. It starts with his most complete performance of the season against Portel. The giant starts with 8 points in the first 5 minutes of the match and ends with 25 pawns at 10/16 shooting including a formidable 3/4 from the parking lot which is enough to thrill his future opponents. Always impassable in defense with his sprawling arms, here he is starting to let go offensively with real leader moves in isolation and an already solid post game.

Victor Wembanyama finished at 27 and signed the best game of his young career. Yet he refuses to ignite. Interviewed by Luc Paganon from Progress, he shows great maturity in his response. The favorite of the 2023 NBA Draft has big ambitions and, spoiler, he won’t just grate Le Portel.

“I found my place in the team, but it’s just something that has been delayed [par ses petites blessures en première moitié de saison, ndlr]. From a personal point of view there is nothing incredible. What I did today should just be the norm. It’s motivating, it validates what I do every day, it’s good for confidence, but it’s not perfect. »

Finish the EuroLeague season in style

Already eliminated for a few weeks in the EuroLeague, the Villeurbannais still wanted to look good for the last of the season, at home, against the third European cador. Mission accomplished because, even losing one point, the Astroballe audience believed in it until the end. Enough to feed some regrets by imagining what the season could have been without an avalanche of injuries. In any case, Wembanyama seized the opportunity to shine brightly. The wrist was still hot, four days after his exploits against Le Portel. Then the bombs fell from the four corners of the floor. 4 award-winning shots in total and a new personal best in the EuroLeague with 18 points in 26 minutes.

Victor Wembanyama discovered the EuroLeague this year, even before blowing out his 18 candles. The results of his rookie season at the highest continental level are more than encouraging. In 13 games, he started 10 times as a starter. His averages of 6.5 points at 37.8% from 2-point and 30.3% from afar, 3.8 rebounds and 1.9 against are to be put into perspective with the injuries that have dotted his road. In his last three games, he was 12.3 pawns at 61.1% from 2-point and 57.1% from 3-point, 4.7 rebounds and 3 blocks (!) on average. It will surely be a bit tight to succeed Usman Garuba on the list of the best young player in the competition this year, but it already sets the bar very high before season 2 which will start in a few months. In just a few appearances, Wembanyama has already become one of the biggest attractions on the EuroLeague circuit and his opponents have learned to fear him. The objective will necessarily be to do better in 2022-23 with a qualification in the Playoffs to be sought. For fun, we redo the highlights of his European campaign!

Goal: French champion

Back on the courts of the championship, Wemby continued its good momentum in Orleans. He is showing himself to be more and more comfortable in long-distance shooting and even allows himself marvelous passes in the back that make you want to smile.

In the process, he is still illustrated in the derby against the Chorale de Roanne with some actions that will immediately be classified in the next mixtapes to show to the NBA scouts. His match against Paris is slightly more complex since he loses his duel from a distance with Ismaël Kamagate, another prospect who could join him in the Great League this year. If the V can help the buddies get a little spotlight, it’s with great pleasure. Especially since he will resume his march forward in the next match against Élan Béarnais with his first double-double of the season, the second of his professional career (14 points and 10 rebounds in 26 minutes). There are still four league games left at ASVEL before the start of serious things in mid-May. For now, Villeurbanne are tied for first with the Metropolitans 92. Victor and his teammates will want to continue their seven-game winning streak to try and lock in home advantage until the final. The goal is clear, achieve the Threepeat and lengthen Wembanyama’s record as much as possible before he even joins the NBA.

guest on RMC on his return to France, Evan Fournier sent a shower of praise to Victor Wembanyama. The leader of the French team is eager to be able to rub shoulders with the prospect more closely in selection. The Knicks fullback also has some wise advice for him to prepare for the next level.

“It’s the biggest potential ever seen in France. Give it time to develop, let it dominate Europe. If I have the opportunity to meet him, why not this summer, I think it’s important that he understands that he must first be in the racket. On his highlights, I just see him on 3-pointers or stepbacks. It will be important in his development to do so to become an exceptional player. But as an interior, it must first dominate within. If you want to exploit your potential, you must first dominate inside and then move away. »

Even though its external address has increased significantly in recent weeks, Fournier warns Wembanyama. He won’t have to skip weight training to spend more time shooting because it’s above all for his domination under the baskets that he must shine. This season in the NBA, we have been able to witness this return to basics from Joel Embiid, for example. The Cameroonian can still set the strings alight by stepping back behind the arc but his main strength remains concentrated inside and it is precisely this versatility that makes him so difficult to defend. Victor can take good notes and we can’t wait to see him lined up alongside the Blues to continue to absorb the best advice from his peers who have already crossed the Atlantic for a few years. In the event of selection for the preparation for EuroBasket 2022, this could in particular be the opportunity to continue to learn alongside the Olympic vice-champions. Vincent Collet, you know what you have to do to have an unstoppable VW in Paris 2024.

Victor Wembanyama’s April in numbers

  • April 3 vs Le Portel (championship): 25 points at 10/16 shooting including 3/4 from the parking lot, 7 rebounds including 1 offensive, 3 against, 1 turnover, 5 personal fouls and 2 fouls caused in 25 minutes
  • 7 avril vs Milan (EuroLeague) : 18 points at 7/12 shooting including 4/5 from the parking lot, 6 rebounds including 3 offensive, 1 block, 3 turnovers and 3 personal fouls in 26 minutes
  • April 9 @ Orléans (championship): 17 points at 6/12 in shooting including 1/2 from the parking lot and 2/2 in throws, 5 rebounds including 2 offensive, 4 blocks, 1 pass, 1 interception, 3 turnovers, 4 personal fouls and 1 caused foul in 19 minutes
  • April 12 @ Roanne (championship): 11 points at 5/8 shooting including 1/3 from the parking lot, 6 rebounds including 2 offensive, 3 blocks, 3 assists, 3 interceptions, 3 turnovers and 2 personal fouls in 19 minutes
  • April 16 vs Paris (league): 4 points at 1/5 shooting including 0/4 from the parking lot and 2/2 from throws, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block, 2 interceptions, 1 turnover, 3 personal fouls and 3 fouls caused in 17 minutes
  • April 19 @ Châlons-Reims (championship): DNP
  • April 26 vs Pau-Lacq-Orthez (championship): 14 points at 5/8 in shooting including 2/3 from parking and 2/4 in throws, 10 rebounds including 2 offensive, 1 assist, 3 turnovers, 1 personal foul and 3 fouls caused in 26 minutes.

Every month, Victor Wembanyama progresses. Each month, we also tend to believe that it grows a little more. Officially listed at 2.19m at the start of the season, he may not have finished growing yet. A perspective that has something to freak out about. The world is not ready for Victor Wembanyama but Victor Wembanyama is ready to tear everything up in his path. It will start with a big post-season with ASVEL to win a trophy. We will obviously follow this very closely.

Source texte : RMC Sport



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