«The great tennis players when they have a match ball, they win it»

Ruben Canizares




24 hours before being able to definitively fasten League number 35, Ancelotti he gave another master class in the press room. Tomorrow not only can his team continue to make history, so can he, but he prefers not to comment on anything: «I don’t like to talk about being the first coach to win the five major leagues in Europe. I am a bit superstitious, like almost all Italians. If he allows me, I would like to answer you when this is over », he said. Carletto.

For Ancelotti it was unthinkable to be able to win the league with five games to go, but if it has been so, it is, among other reasons, because of the offensive aspect of the team, which he describes as “constant” and the victories away from the Bernabeu: «We have won twice in Seville, in Anoeta, in San Mamés, in the Camp Nou.

That’s where we made the difference.”

One dot is missing, and Ancelotti It is clear to him that the team is not going to relax now just when the goal is in front of his eyes: “The title is close, we have worked to get to this point and I don’t think there will be relaxation. In the locker room they only talk about tomorrow’s game. The great tennis players when you have a match ball, they win it. We are a great team and the great teams when they have to hit the table, they do it.

To do this, Carletto still does not have a clear eleven, but he left clues about possible rotations, taking into account that on Wednesday there is another ‘final’ against City. Vini, Mendy, Carvajal and Kroos or Modric, one of the two, will surely rest. Vallejo will be central, and Casemiro may accompany him as he has Militao and Nacho suspended, and Alaba injured. Ceballos and Camavinga will start. Asensio and Rodrygo too. and doubt with Benzema: «If a player is well, and has recovered well, he can play. The template is healthy. If someone needs to rest, he will do it, but not because it is an easy game, but because if he is not 100% recovered, he is at risk of getting injured ».

Questioned about whether regular headlines could feel like not appearing in the photo of the match that closes the title, Ancelotti was eloquent: «The player’s opinion is important but the decision is made by the coach. I have not found many players in my career who have told me that he does not say that he is tired. But there is a medical evaluation, physios that touch the muscle and I take all of this into account. The player’s opinion is important, but it is not the most important.”

The tie and the victory are worth to close the title and it will be celebrated as the occasion deserves it, although the Champions League semi-final second leg is on Wednesday. What is still not certain is whether Madrid can celebrate the signing of Mbappe. Regarding Pochettino’s words yesterday, who said that 100% he and Kylian would stay at PSG, Carletto left an interesting reflection to reassure his fans: «The coaches at a press conference cannot tell the whole truth, but now Even all Madridistas think about winning tomorrow and Wednesday. I, and the players, who are Madridistas, think about this, not about anything else.”

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