“The goal is clear, we have to play the playoffs”

Nineteen years after his debut inACB with the Casademont Girona (with defeat at Valencia by 89-71 on May 4, 2003), Albert Sabbath he lives more enthusiastic than ever. Three seasons ago, he decided to return home, leaving theWorkshop of the highest category, tempted by a project of Marc Gasol who had just arrived at the LEB Plata and one could not imagine the media spotlight he is now attracting with the president on the runway dressed in shorts. It is supported by the base of Lobster, who confesses that “that bet to return to Girona was the right one. He was convinced he was coming to a good place and that’s how it is. Expectations were already very high, but now with Marc, and the expectations that are being generated around the team, everything is even better than I had expected.

Ascent and ACB are still taboo words within the team, but not anymore play-off, practically a reality that is touched with the fingertips seven days before the end of the regular phase. Ten victories in the last eleven games (and the arrival in the locker room not only of Gasol, but also of the energy of Fjellerup and gallons ofUrtasun), have made possible the miracle of carrying a team that flirted dangerously with the descent to the fifth position … and going up. “It simply came to our notice then play-offit’s very clear, because with the signings we’ve done we’ve improved the team a lot “, says the Girona player, with more than half a thousand career matches between ACB and leagues FEB. He has 78 at Girona de Gasol, and at the age of 36, despite the cliché of “match to match”, he does not hide the fact that “the goals are the most ambitious”.

With a balance of 16/11, and installed in the fifth position, the team of Jordi Sargatal has two margin wins over the TAU Castellón, ranked tenth and would be the first to be left out of the promotion qualifiers today. The base believes that 20 wins “or maybe less” will be enough, which suggests that with two or three more victories Girona will be guaranteed a place. But the ambition of the Llagostera player does not stop there and he says that in the locker room more than thinking about how many victories they need “what we think is how to get to the play-off in the best possible condition, because it is not the same to play it with the track factor for and against. Now Girona would have it in their favor, and they not only want to maintain this advantage, but we will try to improve it by climbing positions and looking for a better match in the quarter-finals “. If they are overcome, one will be reached Final Four with a promotion at stake.

Precisely the fourth place, the team that precedes the Bàsquet Girona in the classification, arrives on Sunday at Fontajau. “They are very competitive, they are fourth, and they are having a great season. There we were very good, we won and we dominated many phases of the match. They won’t make it easy for us and that’s why I think we will need the help of the fans more than ever “, explains Sàbat. In Fontajau there are 4 regular season matches (Palencia, Oviedo, Lleida i Students, and the club has created a family pack for which for 35 euros you can have 4 tickets to see the two duels in April, or the two in May. Attendance at Fontajau is growing and most matches have more than 2,000 spectators. But they want more. Sabbath does not hide that “we feel very comfortable at home, the role of the fans is very important and more than it will be in these four regular season games that we have left and in the play-off. We will not disappoint them: if they come to see us, they will have a great time. ”



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