The GEiEG faces the phase of ascent without pressure and full of excitement

The hour of truth is coming. The outcome. To complete the Women’s League 2 this season, all that is needed is to determine which teams will go up one rung and compete in the Challenge, the second state category next year. The GEiEG is one of the aspirants. A candidate of the eight that have qualified for the ascent phase that hosts Melilla from today until Sunday. Without the pressure of other clubs, but with all the enthusiasm in the world, the team coached by Bernat Vivolas is still facing it, asking its players to enjoy, work and compete. There will be three consecutive games, against Arxil, Castellón and Adareva. The top two finishers will go on along with the other two winning teams in the other group. Two semifinals. The winners of these will end up going up. It sounds wrapped, so it will be the performance on the track that will end up dictating sentence.

Whether they go up or not, whether or not they get caught in these semifinals, the job will be done. The group, with 17 wins and 9 losses and a fifth place finish, have achieved their best ever record in this division. Results that leave the squad and especially their coach satisfied. “We have shown that with home players we can also get here. Maybe there were people who didn’t believe in it before the season started because we had lost important pieces. Instead of sinking and not believing in ourselves, we have become more cohesive. A message to those unbelievers and adds another argument: “We started losing the first games, let no one forget. Then we set to work to show that, with people from here, we can compete against anyone. ”

Pressure, none

Having achieved its main goal, permanence, the GEiEG is now facing the promotion phase “Without any pressure” but at the same time with the desire to “close the season as best as possible.” Vivolas considers it “disrespectful” to put pressure on the film. At the same time, it is clear that his team has not traveled to Melilla for tourism. “The club has made a very important effort and that is to be thanked, because it is not an easy or affordable trip. We’ve been there for a while, training even on holidays to deal with it in the best way possible. ”

In front of a “very demanding” format with an accumulation of matches in just a few days, the coach believes that while other clubs are much more favored on promotion, the GEiEG has an advantage. “We travel with twelve players and they all participate. There are rivals who use only six or seven, who accumulate the most minutes. This may work in our favor. The planning of these weeks should allow us to get to the appointment as physically as possible. The premiere is this Thursday against the Arxil de Pontevedra. “He has three reference foreigners who make up 65 percent of the points. They have a lot of level. We have to set our pace, run a lot and defend as we are used to because they are a short team. We need quality rotations “, warns Vivolas. The next day, he returns to face Castellón, where the glassmaker Aina Martín plays. “We already know him because we shared a group in the regular season. He has very talented outside players. They are tough but they will want to climb. We have to match his physical level.

The outcome, Saturday with the Canary Islands Adareva. “It has a similar profile to Arxil, with a very powerful interior like Fofana. We will have to see how we get there physically, because it will be the third game in three days “. The technician’s conclusion is clear: “We have shown that they are rivals of our level if we are one hundred percent. We can compete even though they will demand the most from us. ”

Vivolas’ bet

He prefers not to get wet. Especially because in a promotion like this, anything is possible. But Vivolas does have a candidate for promotion among all participants. Then, what will happen will happen because “it is very difficult to predict who can go up”, especially considering that in the final face and cross “you already drag three consecutive games” and here the physical and also the mental aspect can be more important than not individual quality. Now, let go of some names, just in case. “If I had to bet, even though that’s what came in at the last minute, I see the Picken Claret very strong. It is a very balanced team, physical, hard and able to receive very few points.

It is not the only choice. The technician adds a couple more. First, l‘Almeria. And especially Melilla. Of the latter in woman some brushstroke. “He’s the host and he’s chaining a handful of victories. He plays at home and this will be even more noticeable if he reaches the final, because there is almost no public that comes to cheer on the other teams, so he will have the whole stands in his favor.


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