The first half of the Liverpool Champions League semi-finals wins a Villarreal team / Day

In the first half, the home team had a territorial advantage, they took more corner kicks, but the result was not revealed.

The first dangerous movement on the visitors’ central defense 31 minutes into the match gave the home side a chance at adding to the score, but an overconfident Luisa Diasa shot the ball wide trying to put it away in the top corner.

Mohammed Salah’s shot was still blocked, but Tiagu’s excellent long shot hit the cross.

In the second half, the ball hit the visitors’ goal four times.

Fabinju’s goal was not scored due to his back position, but already three minutes later, after Jordan Henderson’s right-hand side, Perviss Estupiņjāns tried to stop it – 1: 0 in favor of Liverpool.

Only two minutes later, the stadium was able to rejoice again, because after Salah’s pass behind the guards of the visitors, Sadio Mané was reached, who hit the roll in the bottom right corner of the goal – 2: 0.

Andrew Robertson had a good try after 64 minutes, coming in on a fine move from the right, but the ball went wide.

There was little time left to score, with Liverpool convincingly defending the victory.

The answer game will take place on May 3 in Spain.

It has already been reported that in the second semi-final on Tuesday, another English Premier League club in Manchester City won the Spanish team Real Madrid 4: 3 (2: 1) on their field.

The playoffs in Spain will take place next Wednesday in Madrid, with the winner of the two-match final.

In the UEFA Champions League group tournament, 32 teams were divided into eight groups of four each. The first two entered the next round, the third moved to the Europa League, and the fourth European Cup season was over.

The finals of this season will take place on May 28 in Paris, although it was originally scheduled for St. Petersburg. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, UEFA deprived St. Petersburg of the right to host the final.

In the 2020/2021 season, Chelsea in the Portuguese city of Porto beat Manchester City 1-0 in the final of the league.



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