The Confucius Institute and the Tai Chi Department organize a conference entitled “The Power of Tai Chi”

Tai Chi activity poster.

The free talk is held in the Assembly Hall of the Confucius Institute and will be given by the doctor in Physical Education and Sports Ricardo Soto Caride

Within the events organized on the occasion of the X Anniversary of the Confucius Institute of the University of León and in commemoration of the next World Tai Chi Day, on April 30, the Confucius Institute and the Tai Chi Department of the Castilian and Leonese Federation of Karate have organized a conference on this ancient martial discipline known as Tai Chi. The event will take place on Friday, at 7:30 p.m. in the assembly hall of the Confucius Institute of the University of León, located at Calle Jesús Rubio, 2.

The speaker will be the Doctor in Physical Education and Sports, Mr. Ricardo Soto Caride, author of several books, among them, the one that arose as a result of his doctoral thesis on tai chi (with an outstanding Cum Laude rating), published by Alas publishing house. in 2009 and entitled «Teaching Units of Tai Chi, Easy and Healthy Physical Condition».

National Master

Ricardo Soto is a National Master of Wushu and Tai Chi, 6th DAN in Chinese Martial Arts awarded by the Royal Federation of Judo and Associated Sports. He has participated in numerous Physical Education congresses, as a speaker, with the theme of the influence of Tai Chi in healthy physical condition. He has been practicing martial arts since 1970 and has been completing his knowledge in different countries, including long stays in China, where he furthered his studies at the Shaolin Monastery and the Beijing University of Physical Education, among other training centers.

He has been a direct student of GM Fu Sheng Yuan (5th generation), a direct descendant of the creator of the Yang Tai Chi style, Yan Lu Chan, and one of the first to bring him as a guest teacher to Spain to teach Tai Chi.

Currently Mr. Ricardo Soto is a civil servant in the largest public educational center in Vigo, and a member of the Committee of Experts of the General Council of COLEF: area of ​​Competitive and Institutionalized Sports.



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