The common points of professional athletes are “joints”. The body of a good athlete, as told by a trainer who is a well-known member of society.

Norihiro Hamada has taught Tsubame / Yoshida and Hiroshima Dora 2 / Mori.

Norihiro Hamada is a technical advisor for “Meiji Yasuda Life,” “Mitsubishi Heavy Industries West,” and “Mitsubishi Heavy Industries East,” which are professional baseball players. I have seen Taisei Yoshida infielder who entered Yakult in 8th place in the 2018 draft from Meiji Yasuda Life, Shohei Mori who entered Hiroshima in 2nd place in the draft in 2021 from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries West, and Akira Yagi who entered Lotte in 5th place. .. What are the characteristics of a player who goes professional? He talked about what they have in common.

According to Mr. Hamada, there are many athletes who have a lot of physical flexibility as well as overwhelming power and speed. Moreover, it is not just soft.

“Supple movements are also noticed by scouts. However, if the joints are too loose, they tend to be unstable, injured and difficult to heal. They need to be soft and strong enough to stabilize the joints. Stretching is important to soften the body, but I think there is also a genetic factor. I was shown the body of the athlete’s father, but there was something similar to the athlete. “

He points out that even if the body is stiff, it can lead to a sense of stability, so it is necessary to have the ability to understand and adapt to one’s body well. In addition, since baseball is a sport in which imbalance is likely to occur on the left and right sides of the body, its care is also important.

“Athletes who are professionals can notice changes in their bodies.”



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