the champion Asmaa Niang in Polynesia • TNTV Tahiti Nui Television

At 39, Asmaa Niang has an unusual and successful career. She started judo at the age of 20. Quickly, she became five-time African judo champion. She even had the experience of the Olympics twice. Asmaa takes advantage of her time in Polynesia to coach the Faataua team. “I am an Olympian at the Olympic Games in Rio and Tokyo. Given my age, I really want to share my know, my experience with athletes who may become champions later on.”

Beyond physical preparation, Asma Niang offers keys for mental preparation. Because the two necessarily go hand in hand. “I’m not here to tell them to do this and that. I have an atypical background. I realized we will say the impossible with an atypical course. It’s to tell them that everything is possible in life, that we can leave late. I started judo at 20 and had a great career and still do. That is to say I have nothing more than you and you can do the same as me.

The judoka is also preparing for the next African championships and is considering the 2024 Olympics.



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