The beautiful values ​​of the judo club

Two Ukrainians, Marria and Valentyn, have successfully integrated into the judo club of Rolampont, the Judo taïso RC 52.

Judo classes resumed within the Judo taïso RC 52 this Monday, April 25 after a vacation during which the judokas still worked on the tatamis. Indeed, on April 21 and 22, the club’s mini-chicks and chicks took part in a training course at the Jean-Claude-Noël dojo in Langres. Thus, Paul, Gabriel, Margaux, Léonie, Marria and Valentyn were able to have fun while working around judo with other judokas from clubs in the sector, Langres, Chalindrey, Vaux-sous-Aubigny and Fayl-Billot. On the program of this course, largely organized and led by Noa Cœurdassier, black belt from the Langres club and in Suaps training, technical work standing and on the ground, evaluation, games and competition during which the six young people from RC 52 have finished second and were proud to present their cup on Monday evening, when classes resumed, to their teacher Thierry Masson.

During this same week, from April 19 to 21, the oldest took part in the interdepartmental course at Giffaumont. Mattéo, Hugo and Léonie therefore worked on new techniques during this intensive course in the presence of Frédéric Demontfaucon, 7e dan et 3e at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. Rose Prodhon took part in a tournament atselongey on Saturday 23 April, where she won a fine silver medal. The children all came back from these courses with a smile, because in addition to playing sports, a social bond is created between them for their greatest pleasure. The club is also delighted to welcome since last Monday two new licensees, Marria and her brother Valentyn, who have come from Ukraine for a few weeks and who were already practicing judo in their country, in a very sustained way for Valentyn who has a good level.



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