The badminton of the Allières, cracks!

Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier. 21st consecutive victory for the college badminton team “Les Allières”. Once again, the UNSS (National Union of School Sports) championships were won by the Allières school team. She distinguished herself during the departmental championships which took place at Les Loges college in Nevers by winning a twenty-first victory in twenty-one years!

The young athletes of the team (Lorenza Géant, Lilou Laborie, Liam Searles, Axel Guénet, Anthony Septier and Juan Lopez) are thus qualified for the academic championships which will take place at the Banlay gymnasium, in Nevers, against the winners of the other departments. of Burgundy.

Since this year, the establishment has been classified Generation 2024. Les Allières college is committed to putting more sport in the daily life of young people, helped for this by four hours of option given by the services of Dasen (Academic director National Education Services) for the 5 e and 4 e .

But, for some time, Jean-Marc Guénet, sports teacher at the college, is worried. “The same departments, which give us the means to reach this fine level, now want to allocate the time allocation allocated to us to other projects. It is very harmful for the students. »

Members of the Pierre-de-Coubertin class

It should be noted that two students are part of the Pierre-de-Coubertin class, (one class per academy) created for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

The two students chosen in our establishment (1,000 children at the national level) were chosen on the basis of their school results, their investments in sports lessons and according to their interests for the 2024 Olympics. take them to Paris, in 2024, to attend a day of Paralympic Games”, specifies the teacher.



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