The 2030 Games would give Catalonia the venues that it already anticipated alone

The spades are high between the Government of Aragon and the Generalitat of Catalonia for a candidacy to jointly organize the 2030 Winter Olympics that Every day they seem more unattainable. The words of both leaders, both the Catalan Pere Aragonès and Javier Lambán, already evidenced almost irreconcilable differences on how to distribute the tests to attend on an equal footing. But the facts keep turning the nut of the political negotiation. This Wednesday, 24 hours before the Aragonese Executive reveals how it can be rebalancing the technical proposal to which the Government clings, the latter published on its official website all the reports and figures on the work done between 2018 and 2021 to present a solo candidacy to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that confirm, in some way, that East I needed to look for venues outside the community and that in the current one it has Aragón as the complement it needed, since does not renounce any of those that already had with host going solo.

In global figures, the Government reveals a project quantified in almost 1,400 million investment and with some forecast income of 1,504,379,698 euros. But the detail is more relevant, since it is detailed where would each discipline have its headquarters And it turns out that before Aragón appeared on the scene, alpine skiing already went to the La Molina-Masella station; ice hockey, in Barcelona, ​​at the Palau Sant Jordi (with the Nou Palau Blaugrana and the Badalona Olympic pavilion as alternatives); and snowboard and freestyle, in Baqueira Beret; the telemark to “territories like Pallars” (or Alta Ribagorza, also raises). That is, that the document to go together respect all assigned venues and disciplines that the Govern already raised going alone.

And that, based on that same document, called Blue Folder (blue dossier, in Catalan), the need to look for other venues outside the community is admitted for tests that, due to their technical characteristics and requirements imposed by the IOC, they could not be organized on the Catalan tracks unless faced with millionaire disbursement. This is the case, coincidentally, of cross-country skiing and biathlon, which the joint candidacy now finally assigns to Candanchú in the document validated by the COE, and that internal Catalan document was never raised. He thought of adapting the Pla d’Anyella but that it would have an initial cost of 18.5 million and a permanent investment of 25.1 million.

Same thing with him. curlingwhat with Aragón I could only go to Jaca, to meet the necessary requirements, and in his solo work he proposed that it could be taken to the Badalona Pavilion by investing between 2.54 and 5 million euros. A million-dollar investment like the one that would be needed to host figure skating or speed skating events, which is now granted to Zaragoza and then it was admitted that it would require another million-dollar disbursement, of more than 4.65 million, to build tracks in the facilities of the Barcelona Fair.

These are data that the Generalitat has made public this Wednesday, one day before Aragón presents its joint candidacy proposal to rebalance an approach which, according to reports, confirms the secondary role given to him about work already done by Catalonia between 2018 and 2021 to develop a project in which it now gives up nothing. A report that for Aragón is not trivial, since having tracks such as those of Candanchú and Jaca that meet the requirements that Catalonia needed already before have decisively marked the distribution of venues and tests in the proposal already validated last week by the Committee Olympic Spanish (COE) with representatives of the Generalitat and in the absence of Aragon. A condition that forced alpine skiing, intended by both communities, to Catalonia.

The most striking thing is that this transparency exercise of the Generalitat arises just one day after Lambán slipped, last Tuesday, that he does not rule out presenting a candidacy to the COE “entirely in Aragon”

But the most striking thing is that this transparency exercise of the Generalitat arises just one day after Lambán slipped, last Tuesday, that he does not rule out proposing to the COE a candidacy “entirely in Aragon”, without Catalonia, if this does not agree to renegotiate the technical agreement validated last day 1 in Madrid. And one day before Lambán offers his alternative balance that Aragonès now refuses to negotiate. The published documents are based on sustainability criteria set by the IOC to minimize spending as much as possible, but Catalonia admits with them that it could not organize the Games without carrying out some tests outside its territory.

The Government at the moment rule out going now alone to the race for the 2030 appointment and responds at the best possible time to requests for public information from various political parties that demanded to know the work done in those years and the money spent (475,000 euros). “All the complete reports are already posted, with time and form and just as it should be”, announced the Minister of the Presidency, Laura Vilagrà, after On February 24, a motion was approved in Parliament that urged him to publish them.



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