State of high schools defines champions for National Games – El Sol de Cuernavaca

Within the State Tournament of Secondary Technical Schools, the representative teams of each school and municipality came out as champions in the tournaments in the specialties of basketball and handball.

In the final results in women’s basketball, the champions were the students from Technical School 25 of Cocoyoc, winning the grand final by 20-8 against Technical School 2 of Jojutla.

In the men’s category, Technical School 10 of Jonacatepec beat its similar Technical School 27 of Galeana in a good match that kept the teachers of both schools very attentive, where some left happy and the others satisfied to reach the final.

In the men’s Hand-Ball specialty, Technical School 2 of Jojutla wins 15-1 over its similar Technical 20 of Coatetelco, where its players showed that they have a lot in their squad and that is why they came to these instances.

In the women’s branch and in Hand Ball, the girls from Technical School 13 of Ticumán won 7-1 against their similar team from Technical School 20 of Coatetelco, a fairly disputed game between both teams that displayed good plays.

In the end, the general coordinator of basketball Quetzalcoatl Salgado Rodríguez, who is a pedagogical technical advisor of the Supervision of Secondary Technical Schools and in charge of the School Sports Games, stated; “These state games were very successful, we passed the stage of intramuros that are within the school that the teachers themselves organized, later an event was held by region or school zone, we are eleven school zones in the state, and from these came a team representing each men’s and women’s zone, there is basketball, handball, volleyball, soccer, athletics and chess, simultaneously in other subsystems that are three where there is greater emphasis on the issue of workshops so that young people come out with some kind of trade at the end of their studies, there are 46 technical secondary schools, in addition there are some others that are private incorporated into the Technical Secondary School system, all of these compete, and at the same time the general secondary and telesecundaria are also doing their sports games, from here we are going to have a winner of each team sport in the men’s and women’s branch and two winners for the athletics question in all its parts tests, 100, 200, 400, 1500 meters and combined relays, high jump, shot put, discus, they are going to compete next week in different venues of the state with their high school peers, from here those who are going to represent the state of Morelos in a final state tournament in the National Basic Education Games”.

From Jojutla there is Technical Secondary School Two, number 27 in Galeana, Technical School 34 in the Morelos Unit, Technical School Two is the host of these games, as for the group games, they all end in a single participation, the champions they will come out and they will represent us next week before the other secondary schools, to finish he said; “We are very happy because after the pandemic it is the first event that we have of this nature, but we have come to have national events, with the new inclusive policy the brotherhood with the other subsystems began to develop and now the students look very happy very excited because this is a type of event that they had never known and this strengthens them,” he concluded.

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