Stade Rennes suspends training sessions: father of youth player attacks head of training

All youth teams of Stade Rennes will not train for the next two days. Head of youth academy Denis Arnaud was attacked by a player’s father this week, forcing the French club to close the training complex until April 28.

The father of Noah Françoise (18), captain of the promise team of Stade Rennes, has been dissatisfied for some time about the way the club treats his son. Françoise has a professional contract, but is only sporadically part of the first team. He does train along, but only when necessary.

That is against the sore leg of Françoise’s father, who attacked Denis Arnaud last Saturday. It is unclear what else is involved. The youth teams of Stade Rennes will not train until April 28.

According to RMC Sport, Françoise herself will not be punished by Stade Rennes. “Noah Françoise has absolutely nothing to do with this situation. There is no reason for him to bear the consequences,” RMC said. “He is a young professional who is still developing.”

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