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The duel of Johor Darul Ta’zim striker, Bergson against Ulsan Hyundai team captain, Lee Chung-yong on the second matchday of the Asian Champions League at Sultan Ibrahim Stadium, Johor on Monday (18/4/2022).

BOLANA.COM – Thai, Malaysian and Singaporean clubs took turns to win in the Asian Champions League, Indonesian clubs do not know when Liga 1 2022/23 will be held.

Indonesian clubs are in danger of being further and further behind from competing countries if you look at the latest achievements at the Asian level.

Currently, the Indonesian club is undergoing a competition holiday without a definite schedule for next season’s Liga 1.

Meanwhile, Southeast Asian clubs with more regular league schedules can slowly prove themselves in the Asian Champions League.

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On Sunday (18/4/2022), there were three Southeast Asian clubs who won on the second matchday of the Asian Champions League.

The three clubs are BG Pathum United (Thailand), Lion City Sailors (Singapore), and Johor Darul Takzim (Malaysia).

Starting from BG Pathum United, the Thai League champions overthrew South Korean club Jeonnam Dragons with a score of 2-0.

The two BG Pathum United goals were also scored by local players, namely Pathompol Charoenrattanapirom and Jakapan Praisuwan.

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This success was followed by the achievement of Singaporean club Lion City Sailors over another South Korean club, Daegu FC.

The Lion City Sailors, who were strengthened by a number of Singaporean national team players such as Hariss Harun and Hasan Sunny, won 3-0.

Finally, Johor Darul Takzim even made their second victory when they beat Ulsan Hyundai with a score of 1-2.

Previously, the eight consecutive Malaysian Super League champions also crushed Guangzhou Evergrande five goals without reply.

The achievements of BG Pathum United, Lion City Sailors, and Johor Darul Takzim above cannot be done by Indonesian clubs, considering that the “graduate” League 1 clubs have not yet qualified to qualify for the Asian Champions League.

Two Liga 1 clubs that will compete in Asia, namely Bali United and PSM Makassar, will only compete in the AFC Cup.

In addition, Indonesian clubs also seem to have difficulty competing at the Asian level given the irregular scheduling of League 1.

If you look at the implementation of Liga 1 since 2018, it appears that PSSI and PT LIB always make changes to the competition schedule.

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In Liga 1 2018, the competition won by Persija Jakarta was held from March to December.

Continuing in Liga 1 2019, the schedule was shifted to May due to the election, and was compressed to finish in December.

The 2020 League 1 edition actually started again in March, but was stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic, then had a 1.5 year vacuum.

When Liga 1 2021/22 rolled out, the competition was condensed to only seven months, namely August 2021 to March 2022.

Now, the schedule for next season’s League 1 has not yet been decided, and is waiting for the seriousness of PSSI and PT LIB.

The general chairman of PSSI, Mochamad Iriawan, only indicated that Liga 1 2022/23 would be held in July.

“What is clear is that I want July to be rolling,” said Iriawan (14/4/2022).

“In June, if we have time, we can make pre-season maybe, we’ll see what trophies we will formulate,” he said.

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