South Carolina baseball game gunshots, children scream and hide, police: about 20 gunshots-ZAKER News

[Global Times Comprehensive Report]”Get down! Everyone gets down!” A mother named Lori Ferguson, who accompanied her children to a baseball game, immediately rushed to the scattered children after hearing dozens of gunshots shouted.

Fox News reported on the 26th that such a thrilling scene took place at 8:45 pm on the 25th. A group of children were participating in a youth baseball game in Pepper Hill Park in North Charleston, South Carolina. Suddenly, dozens of gunshots were heard in the parking lot near the park, and many children screamed and called for their parents as they ran.

About 20 shots were heard at the scene, according to local police reports. Witnesses said they saw a group of teenagers drive into the parking lot in different cars and start a fight before they fled the scene after shooting each other. No one was injured in the shooting, and police are offering a $10,000 reward to find the suspect.

North Charleston Mayor Keith Sameer said he was “absolutely shocked” by all this after seeing the live video taken by the parents, stressing: “This behavior will not be tolerated and will not be allowed. continue”. (Wang Li)



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