Sixt-sur-Aff. Badminton has resumed on a regular basis

The Espérance badminton section was created in September 2020. “It already existed a few years ago and then stopped, indicates Sophie Simon, treasurer of the section. Several of us were doing it in another town and we found it a shame to have to move. By recreating this activity, we wanted to participate in the life of our commune. »

The club has resumed on a regular basis since January to the great satisfaction of its players. It is open to all adults, regardless of level.

“The important thing is to exercise and have fun, all in a good mood », specifies the president Nicolas Chapelle. The badminton section has no plans to compete. His goal is to stay in leisure sport.

Every Thursday, from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., in the sports hall, Jérémie Athimon, sports educator from the Sports Office between Aff and Vilaine (Pipriac Maure), leads the sessions in a sporty and fun way.

New registrations will take place at the beginning of September, with trial classes at each session of the month.

The office of the section is composed of Nicolas Chapelle, president; Sophie Simon, treasurer, and Anne-Laure Divet, secretary.


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