Sinners is missing one win to advance to the Major! Entropiq fell

The sinners defeated HEET at the beginning of the tournament and subsequently were not enough for the Copenhagen Flames. The opponent of Frosy et al. for the third round was Team Spirit. Sinners showed a flawless performance on the Nuke map and won the duel against the Russian team 16: 6.

The Czech number one took advantage of the fact that she started for a more advantageous CT side and clearly controlled the first half of the match 12: 3. For the rest of the duel, she walked comfortably for her second tournament victory.

The sinners need to win at least once out of the remaining two possible duels and will become the first Czech team in history to qualify for the famous Major.

Entropy complicates the journey

Entropiq was a slight favorite in the match with Anonymo, but Vladislav “Krad” Kravchenko and co. Could not confirm the paper assumptions. They lost to the Polish organization in a very dramatic 14:16 match on the Ancient map.

This is a huge complication for black and green. The Entropiq now have a knife to their throat and a single loss separates them from the elimination. To advance to the Major, which they did not miss last time, they need to win twice in BO3 matches.

European Qualifying Group B o Major in Antwerp, Belgium runs between Thursday and Sunday. Both sinners and Entropiq may encounter each other under certain circumstances. Both teams need to control at least three out of a maximum of five possible duels to advance to the top world tournament.

You can follow the updated news from the Bucharest qualification for Major focused on Czech participation on the website. Other results can be found here. European Group A already knows its advancers.



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