satisfactions for the Campus Pro Patria in Busto Arsizio

The Italian Olympic weightlifting championships qualifications, in the regional ranking, Campus pro patria judo it is classified seventh out of 20 participating companies. Last weekend the gold of Luca Genna in the senior category 55 kg and the 7th place of Luca Bizzari in the senior category 73 kg. In this weekend Carlotta Di Paolo with her 5th place in a weightlifting competition of the Italian apPesisitica Federation (FIPE) she revived the female flag in this sport in Busto Arsizio, while Francesco Burula very young athlete who competed in the category under 15it is ranked al first place, but by virtue of the appreciable technique of execution in the Olympic lifts, the regional technical direction will call him shortly for a technical collegial retreat together with other young people of his age. The gathering aims to focus attention and supervise young people in a federal project of national caliber.

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It was held on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 April in Genoa at the 105 Stadium on the Canepa seafront
the annual Colombo Trophy. Noemi Pignatiello among the cadets at the limit of 70 kg she competed and with four victories and two defeats she classified in 5th place, conquering points in the national ranking. A remarkable result considering that the athlete resumed training for eight weeks after six months of hiatus due to injury.
Among the juniors it is not good a Christian Sagunti in the 90 kg that comes out in the first round, while Christian Formentin in the + 100 kg category wins the silver which brings him high in the national ranking. The race was also excellent Mara Federica in the 57 kg, four matches won and two lost place her in 5th place and above all they accrue other precious points to reach the black belt.


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